Signal, signals, signaling, or signalling may refer to:

Scientific concepts

* Signal (electrical engineering), a physical quantity that can carry information.
* Signal processing, the field of techniques used to extract information from signals
* Cell signaling, in biology, the system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions
* Signal (biology), an electrochemical communication activity in an organism
* Two theories in different disciplines of "honest signalling" when deception may be incentivized:
** Signalling theory in evolutionary biology, a theory stating how organisms signal their state to others with respect to evolutionary survival and reproductive fitness
** Signalling (economics), how market actors can signal their intentions and values to others in economics
* Signalling game, signalling theories in evolutionary biology and economics expressed in terms of game theory


* Signal (computing), an event, message, or data structure transmitted between computational processes and many other
* Signal programming, a variety of event-driven programming
* Signals and slots, a signal-driven software design pattern


* Signals used in various kinds of transport:
** Traffic light
** Railway signal
** Semaphore
** Beacon
** International maritime signal flags, using the International Code of Signals
* Signals (military), a name that refers to military communications
* Distress signal
* Smoke signal (See also )
* Signalling (telecommunications), a part of some communication protocols


* "Signal" (band), a Bulgarian rock band
* Signals (album), an album by progressive rock band Rush
* "Signal" (magazine)
* Signal (toothpaste)
* "Signal 1" and "Signal 2" radio stations
* "Signaal" (now Thales Nederland), a Netherlands based defence company
* Signal Systems, a company of the McLean Group of Companies


* Any implicit, subtle, or disguised message, in situations such as:
** Partnership card games (see Signal (bridge))
* Signals in legal citations
* Kent (game) a card game also known as Signal or Kemp

See also

*The Signal

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