Amr or AMR may refer to:


* AMR Corporation, parent company of American Airlines
* American Medical Response, a private ambulance operator
* Arcata and Mad River Railroad, from its AAR reporting mark
* AMR Research, a research company focused on the intersection of business processes with technology


* Amhar, a son of legendary King Arthur
* Amr (name), an Arabic male given name or, specifically:
** Amr ibn Kulthum (died 584), leader of the Taghlab tribe
** Amr ibn Hishām (died 624), Meccan leader also known as Abu Jahl
** Amr ibn Abd al-Wud (died 627), champion of Quraish
** Amr ibn al-Aas (c.553–664), military commander
** Amr ibn Jarmouz, (fl. 656), killer of Talha
** Amr Ibn Ubayd (died 761), Mu'tazili leader
** Amr Bey, Egyptian squash player
** Amr Moussa (born 1936), secretary-general of the League of Arab States
** Amr Diab (born 1961), Egyptian musician
** Amr Khaled (born 1967), Egyptian activist and preacher
** Amr Shabana (born 1979), Egyptian squash player
** Amr Adib, Egyptian television presenter
* Banu Amr, an Arabic tribe

Amr El Banna , Egyptian business man


* Adaptive mesh refinement in numerical simulations
* Adaptive Multi-Rate, a lossy digital speech compression scheme (and codec); also see AMR-WB and AMR-WB+
* Anisotropic magnetoresistance
* Antimicrobial resistance
* ATI Multi Rendering, a proprietary video hardware technology
* Audio/modem riser
* Automatic meter reading, to automatically collect data from energy or water meters and transfer it to a central database


* AMR 33, a French light tank
* AMR 35, a French light tank
* Anti-materiel rifle, a large-calibre rifle capable of piercing thick armor

Other uses

* Advanced meat recovery, a slaughterhouse process by which residual meat trimmings are extracted from bones and other carcass materials.
* Amarakaeri, an indigenous American language, from its ISO 639 language code
* Amersham station, from its National Rail Code

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