Smith may refer to:
*Smith (metalwork), a person involved in the shaping of metal objects
*Smith (surname), an English name
**People with the surname Smith
*"Smith" (TV series) (2006), an American television series
*Smith (band), a 1960s American rock band
*Smith grind, a skateboarding trick
*Smith (lunar crater), a lunar impact crater on the far side of the moon, named after American astronaut Mike Smith
*Smith (gotra), a Jat clan, part of the Jat clan system in India
*Smith antigen, target for antibodies produced in a subset of cases of systemic lupus erythematosus, named after Stephanie Smith, first documented patient to exhibit such autoimmunity
*Smith machine, weight training equipment


*Fort Smith, several places (cities and military fortifications)
*Smith Island, Nunavut
*Smith Islands National Park in Queensland, Australia
*Mount Smith, a mountain in Antarctica
*Mount Smith (New Zealand), a mountain in Canterbury, New Zealand
*Smith Volcano, in the Philippines
*Smith, Buenos Aires, a settlement in Carlos Casares Partido, Argentina
*Smith (Martian crater), a crater on Mars
*Smith River, several rivers and communities in Canada and the United States

In the United States

*Smith County, several counties
*Smith, Indiana, unincorporated town
*Smith Center, Kansas
*Smith Island, Maryland
*Smith Mills, Massachusetts
*Smith Township, Pennsylvania
*Smith Valley, Nevada
*Smith Village, Oklahoma


*Smith Automobile Company, an early automobile manufacturer in Topeka, Kansas
*The Smith Family, an Australian charity for disadvantaged children
*Smith International, a Fortune 500 company making various products for the oil industry
*Smith College, a women's liberal arts college in Massachusetts, USA
*The Smith's Snackfood Company
*Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, an exhibition at Chicago's Navy Pier
*Smith & Wesson, a firearms manufacturer
*W H Smith, a "high-street chic" bookshop chain in the UK
*Smith Electric Vehicles.


*Agent Smith, a fictional antagonist from "The Matrix" series of films
*"Smith of Wootton Major", a short story by J. R. R. Tolkien
*"Smith & Smith", a Canadian TV series
*"Smith" (Warwick Deeping), a 1932 novel by Warwick Deeping
*"Smith" (Leon Garfield), a 1967 novel by Leon Garfield
*John "Hannibal" Smith, a fictional character in the 1980s action/adventure television series The A-Team

ee also

*Psmith (the 'P' is silent), a character created by P. G. Wodehouse
*Smiths (disambiguation)
*Smithfield (disambiguation)
*Smithland (disambiguation)
*Smithville (disambiguation)
*Smyth (surname page)

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