Fleet may refer to:


"Fleet" is a geographical name:
*Fleet, a village in Dorset, England, sited on The Fleet, a lagoon
*Fleet, in the county of Hampshire, England
* a Fleet, in Kent, inlet, creek, a name for saline waterways in the Thames marshes
* the River Fleet, a subterranean river in London
** Fleet Street, named after the river
** Fleet Prison, named after the river
*** Fleet Marriages, named after the prison
*Fleet, in the county of Lincolnshire, England
*Gatehouse of Fleet a small town in Dumfries and Galloway, lying on the Water of Fleet
*Fleet, Highland, in the Scottish Highlands


A fleet is a collection of ships or vehicles, with many specific connotations:
* Fleet vehicles, two or more vehicles
* Naval fleet, a substantial group of ships
* Fishing fleet
* A group of small ships, also known as a flotilla
* Starfleet, the paramilitary defense, research, diplomacy, and exploration force in the fictional Star Trek universe

See List of fleets for a list of fleets


* Charles Browne Fleet
* David Fleet
* Ed Van Fleet
* Frederick Fleet
* James Fleet
* James Van Fleet
* Jo Van Fleet
* Pat Fleet
* Preston Fleet
* Stephan Szpak-Fleet
* Stephen Fleet

Other uses

* Fleet Aircraft
* Fleet services, an English motorway service station
* FleetBoston Financial and its precursor Fleet Financial Group, financial institutions
* Fleet, a brand name of glycerin laxative suppository
* Ferry Fleet, a gang
* Inmarsat Fleet, a satellite communications service
* Fleet Farm, a store
* Fleet, a Post Rock and Electronica band from Japan
* Fleet Badminton Brand
* Fleet Foxes, a band signed to Sub Pop
* Ebbsfleet United F.C., whose nickname is The FleetFleet used as a verb is also a colloquial expression used by fisherman to describe a vessel’s first movement when she drags her keel along the ground as the rising flood tide is just beginning to float her off.

ee also

* The Fleet "(disambiguation)"

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