World Evangelical Alliance

World Evangelical Alliance

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is a global association with its leadership office in Vancouver, Canada, which serves as a network for evangelical organizations and denominations around the world.

Founded in London in 1951, the World Evangelical Alliance has its roots in the launch, in 1846 of the Evangelical Alliance in the UK and currently claims "WEA is a network of churches in 128 nations that have each formed an evangelical alliance and over 100 international organizations joining together to give a worldwide identity, voice and platform to more than 420 million evangelical Christians" [] . The governing body of the World Evangelical Alliance is the Executive Council, whose membership is drawn from among member organizations around the world.

A General Assembly meets every four years to formulate a program for the Alliance, which is then carried out through the office of the International Director, and by the staff of WEA's various commissions and ministry departments.

Regional Organizations

Association of Evangelicals of Africa (AEA) [ European Evangelical Alliance]

[ Evangelical Fellowship of Asia]

[ National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka]

[ Evangelical Association of the Caribbean]

Evangelical Fellowship of the South Pacific (EFSP)

Latin American Evangelical Fellowship (FIDE)

North American Council, WEA =National Association of Evangelicals

Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt (EFE)

External links

* [ Official website]

* [ Micah Challenge: Global Poverty Initiative]

* [ National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lankan]

* [ Alliance Development Trust]

* [ Amazing Grace Movie: The William Wilberforce Story]

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