Bach (disambiguation)

Bach (disambiguation)

Bach may refer to:

In music
* Johann Sebastian Bach, the German composer, and his family
** Johann Sebastian Bach's sons:
** Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
** Gottfried Heinrich Bach
** Johann Christian Bach
** Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach
** Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

* Johannes Bach
* Johann Christoph Bach
* P. D. Q. Bach, fictional composer
* Sebastian Bach, former lead singer of Skid Row
* Bach, a song performed live by alternative rock band Apollo Sunshine

In literature
* Richard Bach

In politics
* Baron Alexander von Bach

In places
*Bach an der Donau, a town in the district of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
*Bach, Austria, a municipality in the district of Reutte
*Bach, Lot, a commune in the department of Lot in France

In organizations:
* Maybach, the engine company, a slang term
* The Brown Association for Cooperative Housing
* Vincent Bach Corporation, a brass instrument manufacturer

In medicine:
* Bach flower remedies

* Yoel Sirkis (1561–1640), Polish posek and halakhist, known as "the Bach"
* Bach (New Zealand), a modest holiday home or beach house
* Bach family, the family of J. S. Bach
* Bach (surname), people with the surname "Bach"
* Bachelor apartment, sometimes abbreviated "Bach."

ee also

* BACH motif, a four-note sequence which features in some music, usually in homage to J. S. Bach
* 1814 Bach, an asteroid

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