Imperial Andermani Navy

Imperial Andermani Navy

The Imperial Andermani Navy is a fictional military force in David Weber's Honor Harrington series of novels.


The Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN) are the space forces of the Andermani Empire, a medium-sized expansionist power in the Honorverse. As the Empire's spacegoing naval force, the IAN is not only responsible for defending the Empire's systems against enemy forces, but it is also in charge of "showing the flag", as well as annexing new systems into the Empire and maintaining presence in the Empire's areas of interest, notably the Silesian Confederacy, where the IAN keeps a sizable contingent.

Some members of the IAN command are actively against Manticore, and pursue a more aggressive stance against the Manticorans, especially in Silesia.

Andermani military ships have the prefix IANS (Imperial Andermani Naval Ship).

Technology and naval doctrine

The ships of the IAN emphasize missiles as their primary weapons system instead of energy weapons (which gives them advantage in long range combat but not so much in close combat), and are usually smaller and less massive than their Manticoran counterparts. This means that with equivalent inertial compensators IAN ships are faster than Manticorian ships of the same class, which suits their missile heavy doctrine. Unlike their Manticoran or Havenite counterparts, Andermani warships are painted in a haze gray color instead of white, and the ships are emblazoned with their names instead of their hull numbers.

In the recent novels of the series, the IAN has reached a technological level close to that of the Royal Manticoran Navy, after developing indigenous missile pods and pod-laying superdreadnoughts and battlecruisers as well as having copied the RMN's new inertial compensator technology. This is a result of the Empire's extremely efficient foreign intelligence services.

Shipboard troops in the IAN are provided by the Imperial Andermani Army, as there is no separate Marine Corps in the Andermani military. While normally only posted on the Andermani capital world in times of peace, recent events (an assassination attempt on a close relative to the Emperor) have meant that some of the IAN's ships have reccieved a compliement of elite "Totenkopf" Hussars -The Andermani Emperor's personal guard- as Marines.


As the Andermani Empire is built upon German tradition and culture, the rank titles of the IAN are known in German, with some variations.


* "Großadmiral" (Grand Admiral)
* "Admiral" (Admiral)
* "Vizeadmiral" (Vice Admiral)
* "Konteradmiral" (Rear Admiral)
* "Kommodore" (Commodore)
* "Kapitän der Sterne" (Star Captain)
* "Fregattenkapitän" (Frigate Captain)
* "Korvettenkapitän" (Corvette Captain)
* "Kapitänleutnant" (Lieutenant Captain)
* "Oberleutnant der Sterne" (Senior Star Lieutenant)
* "Leutnant der Sterne" (Star Lieutenant)
* "Fähnrich der Sterne" (Star Ensign)

Ships of the Imperial Andermani Navy

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