Formula (disambiguation)

Formula (disambiguation)

Generally, a formula is "A set form of words in which something is defined, stated, or declared, or which is prescribed by authority or custom to be used on some ceremonial occasion" (Oxford English Dictionary). It is a diminutive form of the word "form", one of whose meanings is "a set or fixed order of words" for use in a legal document or in a ritual.

* See formula for an account of the concept in mathematics and the sciences.
* In manufacturing, a bill of material is sometimes referred to as a formula.
* A formula (mathematical logic) is a formal syntactic expression of a proposition, but that may depend on its free variables (if any).
* Formula (film), 1980.
* Chemical formula.
* See Trinitarian formula for an example of the use in ritual.
* In formula fiction, the story fits a predicateble form.
* Formula racing is motorsport in which rules require the cars to conform to specifications.
* The Formula language is Lotus Notes programming language.
* Infant formula is a baby-feeding substitute for breast milk.
* In oral poetry, a formula is a repeating sequence of words used for structure and as a mnemonic by a poet.
* Formula Boats, a boat manufacturer in Florida.
* In Roman law, a formula was associated with each available remedy that determined how a suit would proceed.

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