Operations Magazine

Operations Magazine

Operations Magazine provides Multi-Man Publishing with its own "house organ" for articles and discussion of its wargaming products. The first issue was produced in the summer of 1991 by The Gamers and was printed regularly until The Gamers were taken over by MMP. The magazine was produced quarterly, until Issue 42 when production slowed to semi-regular status (with only one issue being produced in 2003, and two issues a year in 2004 and 2005).

Bruce Monnin, formerly of Boardgamer magazine, became editor of Operations beginning with the Fall 2004 edition (issue 46). The stated aim of Multi-Man Publishing was to have Operations be to their line of games what The General was to Avalon Hill's line of products.

Contents list courtesy gamersarchive.net.

Last updated 1 Oct 2008 —Keith Todd

#1 Summer 1991

  • Learning the Hard Way, History, Capt. R.S. Faulkner
  • Barren Victory: Designer's Preview, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Forest for the Trees, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Bloody Lane: Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Omaha: Designer's Preview, TCS, Dave Powell
  • TCS Line Entry Command System, TCS, Dean Essig
  • TCS Multi-Fire/Roll Cumulative Chart, TCS, Rod Miller
  • The AT Roll: What is it?, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Play Tips for Civil War Brigade Series, CWB Rod Miller
  • Outbrief, Magazine, Dean Essig

#2 Fall 1991

  • Blitzkrieg: The Myth of the Blitz, History, Capt. T.T. Smith
  • A Last Word?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Illustrious Status Rule: Fact or Fiction?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • The Use of Breastworks, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Extended Movement, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Technique of the Tank Platoon, History, unknown
  • Bloody 110 Umpired Game-The Rules, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Storming Ashore: ...Omaha Playtest, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Operational Combat Series: A First Peek, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Origins '91 Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Enough Room for All, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Background Colors and Contour Lines, Design, Dean Essig
  • To Close Combat or Not?, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Outbrief: A Company Philosophy, Hobby, Dean Essig

#3 Winter 1991

  • 101st Airborn Division Air Assault: A Line in the Sand, History, 1Lt. C.M. Lippard
  • The Limitations of Series Designs, Design, Dean Essig
  • Barren Victory Slopes, CWB, Gerry Palmer
  • One-Book Willy Goes to War, CWB, John Kisner
  • Defensive Orders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • The Cornfield: Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Dean Essig
  • CWB Command System vs. Solitaire Play, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Writing your Orders:What do they Mean?, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Overwatch Triggers-3rd Ed Change, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Towards a 3rd Edition TCS, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Some TCS Ideas, TCS, Mark Stricker
  • The Terrain Effects Chart, TCS, Dean Essig
  • A New TCS Point Fire Table, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody 110th Umpired Play, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Force Eagles War: A New Unit, TCS/M, James Meldrum
  • The Mother of All Rules Changes, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Where Does Your Gaming Dollar Go?, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Figuring the Line of Sight, CWB & TCS, Dave Demko
  • A TCS Proposal-Ost-Front, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Fine Art of Losing Wargames, Hobby, Dean Essig

#4 Spring 1992

  • 101st Airborn Division Air Assault The Hail Mary, History, 1lt C.M. Lippard
  • 1+1=3, Design, Dean Essig
  • Limited Foretell, Design, Dean Essig
  • Bloody Roads South: Designer's Preview, CWB, James Epperson
  • Barren Victory Solitaire: Conclusion, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Artillery in the CWB System, CWB, Dave Powell
  • TCS Suggested Tables: What do YOU think?, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody 110: German Notes, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg: Playtest 3 and Beyond, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Stalingrad Pocket: A Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Army Status and Panic Options, CWB, John Kisner
  • Out Brief: Game vs. Simulation, Design, Dean Essig

#5 Summer 1992

  • Back into the Woods... Letters Lewis Pond, Rick Blankenship & Dave Powell
  • Civil War Infantry Tactics, History, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 1, Theory, Dean Essig
  • Un-Command, Design, Dean Essig
  • Fighting Your War and Winning It Too, Design, Dave Demko
  • Bloody 110 Update, TCS, Dean Essig
  • A Desperate Fight, Part I, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Soviet Set-up Notes for Guderian's Blitzkrieg, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • A Wargame Widow, Humor, Annette McKenzie
  • Out Brief: History, the Wargame, and the Wargamer, Hobby Dean, Essig

#6 Fall 1992

  • The Panzer-Lehr Before the Invasion, History Stephen Barratt
  • Guest Editorial: The Game's the "Thang," Hobby, John Leggat
  • Fighting with Old Friends, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Procrastinator's Special, CWB, Dean Essig
  • A Desperate Fight, Part 2 CWB, Dave Powell
  • Arriving Alive, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 2, Theory, Dean Essig
  • All Alone on the Road to Perfection, Design, Dave Powell
  • Bloody 110: American Notes, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • For You, the War is Over, SCS, Dave Powell
  • SP: Victory at any Cost?, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Different Roads to Stalingrad, SCS, James Meldrum
  • Cracking the Code, SCS, Dean Essig
  • It's Always Something, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Graphics Revolution, Design, Dean Essig

#7 Winter 1992

  • Assaulting with Success, Part 1, History, Dave Powell
  • Maneuver Warfare and the Wargamer, Part 3, Theory, Dean Essig
  • In the Twilight Zone, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Proposed 3rd Edition TCS Changes, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Kall Trail, TCS, Hans van Deventer
  • Tank Recovery in WWII, TCS, Hans van Deventer
  • Dynamiting Bridges: an OCS Variant, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Putting Some BLITZ in your KRIEG, OCS, Dean Essig
  • A Playtester's Lament Part 2, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • Putting on the Hun, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Making a Game Map, Design, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: Cranking up the Band, Hobby, Dean Essig

#8 Spring 1993

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • External Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Saving ORIGINS from the Infidels, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • The "Game Company" Game, Part One, Hobby, Dave Powell
  • Lonely Games, solitaire, Dave Demko
  • Maneuver Warfare and The Wargamer, Part 4, Theory, Dean Essig
  • Chrome a la Mode, CWB, Gerry Palmer
  • Sand, Surf, and Survival, TCS, Dave Demko
  • The Birth of Guderian's Blitzkrieg, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • A Couple More for the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Comments on Stalingrad Pocket CRT, SCS, John Gilmer Jr.
  • Messing Up with the Big Boys, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Afrika: A Status Report on SCS #2, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Great Game Glut of '92, Hobby, Dean Essig

#9 Summer 1993 (OOP)

  • The "Game Company" Game, Part Two, Hobby, Dave Powell
  • Solitairing the CWB Series, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Burnside's Bridge: A Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Robert Bottos
  • Assaulting with Success, Part 2, CWB/History, Dave Powell
  • Game Resolution, Design, Dean Essig
  • Revised Pocket-The Sequel, SCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Fighting with Russians, OCS, Dean Essig
  • More OCS Rules, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Tips & Tricks in GB, OCS, Keith Fortner & Ray Werts
  • Out Brief: Competition vs. COMPETITION, Hobby, Dean Essig

#10 Fall 1993 (OOP)

  • Origins Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • European Wargaming, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • G-2 Game Assistance Program, GAP, Steve Newhouse
  • Focused Design, Design, Dave Powell
  • Civil War Leaders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Effective Use of Firepower in the CWB, CWB, Brandon Einhorn
  • CWB vs. NBS, NBS, Dean Essig
  • Desert Orientation, SCS, Rod Schmisseur
  • Desert Panzers, SCS, Arnold Blumberg
  • The Italian Gambit, SCS, Don & Dave Demko
  • More Afrika Scenarios, SCS, Hank Meyer
  • Playtester's Lament: Part 3, OCS, Owen Fuller
  • Learning to See, LOS, Joe Sylvester
  • Out Brief: Just where DOES the FUN come From???, Hobby, Dean Essig

#11 Winter 1993 (OOP)

  • Refereed CWB Play, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • Incremental Fire Combat, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • The Army Commander and the Player, CWB, Dean Essig
  • A Brief Look at the TCS 3rd Edition, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Enemy at the Gates Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Dimensions of the OCS, SCS, Dave Powell
  • Desert Storm 1940, O'Connor Strikes, SCS, Mauro De Vita
  • Thoughts on British Strategy in Afrika, SCS, Mike Haggett
  • Options and Variants for Afrika, SCS, Hans von Stockhausen
  • The Soviet Armies in Stalingrad Pocket, SCS, Mike Lynn & Tim Armstrong
  • Out Brief: When the Goddess of Fortune Spits upon You, Design, Dean Essig

#12 Spring 1994 (OOP)

  • The Year in Review, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • ORIGINS Awards, Hobby, Mark Matthews-Simmons
  • Seizing the Initiative, CWB, Ken Jacobson
  • Changes to the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Extension to GB-The Soviet Onslaught, OCS, Boyd Schorzman
  • Surviving Guderian's Schwerpunkt, OCS, Nolan Hudgens
  • O'Connor's Offensive, History, Arnold Blumberg
  • Out Brief: Making the Transition, Hobby, Dean Essig

#13 Summer 1994 ( OOP)

  • Profile: Murfreesboro, CWB, Mike Haggett
  • New Scenarios for Bloody Roads South, CWB, James Epperson
  • CWB Random Events, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • The New OCS-Unlearning Bad Habits, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Different Roads to Moscow, OCS, James Meldrum
  • Revised GD '40 Air Table, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Omaha 3rd Edition Retrofit, TCS, Mike Haggett
  • Playtips for the Ardennes, SCS, Mike Haggett
  • An Analysis for the Defense of Stalingrad, SCS, Robert Mussen
  • Putting More Chrome into Stalingrad Pocket, SCS, Pedro Santos
  • Out Brief: Play - TESTING, Hobby, Dean Essig

#14 Fall 1994

  • Don't Mourn. Organize!, Hobby, Kevin Kiconas
  • Thundering On-Battle Narrative of TATC, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Soviet Counter-Offensive-Dec '41/Jan '42, History, Boyd Schorzman
  • Operational Notes for EatG, OCS, Don Nesbitt
  • Ardennes, SCS, Doug Mann
  • Tactical Notes: Fast Panzers, SCS, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: The "FIXED" Market, Hobby, Dean Essig

#15 Winter 1994 (OOP)

  • Wargame Widow, Humor, Ana Santos
  • Sound Retreat!, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Roving Commanders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Back at Headquarters, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • Historical Look at Casualty Rates, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • Refereeing the CWB-LOS, CWB, Larry Tagg
  • GD '40 and Objective: Schmidt Replays, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • 11th Army to the Rescue!, OCS, Dave Powell
  • A Day with Afrika, SCS, Joe Wilson & Mike Wimple
  • Out Brief: The Boundaries of Simulation, Design, Dean Essig

#16 Spring 1995 (OOP)

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • News from the Game Production Front, Design, Owen Fuller
  • Yom Kippur: A Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody Roads South Union Strategy, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Command in La Bataille, NBS, Ed Bryan & Geoff Phipps
  • What's New in TCS 3.1?, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Mastering the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Battle Groups, OCS, Bob Runnicles & Nigel Roberts
  • OCS House Rules, OCS, Phil Smith
  • Operations Index, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Seven Years, and Counting, Hobby, Dean Essig

#17 Summer 1995 (OOP)

  • A Few Reminiscences, Hobby, Dave "Sticky" Combs
  • Point & Counterpoint, Hobby, Dean Essig & Ed Wimble
  • Afrika Revisited, SCS, Bob Phillips & Steve Creamer
  • CWB Headquarters-Another Look, CWB, Chris Janiec
  • The Fog of Battle and Other Factors, CWB, Philip Cutajar
  • HtfS: Additional Notes and Scenario, TCS, Wig Graves
  • Variable Greek Option for HtfS, TCS, Boyd Schorzman
  • A Hunters Replay and Notes, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • Prepared Defenses for the TCS, TCS, Bob Runnicles & Nigel Roberts
  • Tunisia: A Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: State of the Hobby, Hobby, Dean Essig

#18 Fall 1995

  • Origins 95 Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Reality Check, Design, Don Nelson
  • No Better Place to Die-Play Digest, CWB, Brad Strachan & Jean Tessier
  • Version 2.0i OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Maneuver Warfare in the TCS, Part 1, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Soviet Initial Strategy Options in Black Wednesday, TCS, Dave Powell
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur, Part 1, SCS/History, Al Sandrick
  • Out Brief: Changes in Retailing, Hobby, Dean Essig

#19 Winter 1995

  • March Divided, Fight United, Hobby/HomerCon, Dave Demko
  • A System for the People, CWB, Steve Poitinger & Deac Manross
  • New Opponents, New Ideas, OCS, Dean Essig
  • EatG Variant, OCS, Anders Frankson
  • Black Friday, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • Maneuver Warfare and the TCS, Part 2, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Regarding The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajor, TCS/History, Ed Rains
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur, Part 2, SCS/History, Al Sandrik
  • Yom Kippur Variants, SCS, Dave Powell
  • Out Brief: Keep'in On..., Hobby, Dean Essig

#20 Spring 1996 (OOP)

  • Internal Business Report, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Dave's Debut, Designer, Dan Bartlett
  • Confessions from One of Them, Hobby, Jerry White
  • New CWB Random Events, CWB, Thomas Prowell
  • Defense in the OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Doin' the Armored Two-Step, OCS, John Leggat
  • Tunisia and EatG Variant, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Yom Kippur Scenario, SCS, Al Sandrick
  • Matanikau Play Tips, TCS, David Newport
  • Out Brief: Circling the Battlefield, Hobby, Dave Demko

#21 Summer 1996 (OOP)

  • Omaha Lives!, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Designer Notes for the Revised Omaha, TCS, Dave Powell
  • Can I get More Prep, Please?, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It, CWB, Kevin Kiconas
  • The Plum Run Line, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • TATC Scenario 12, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • Breastworks and Thunder at the Crossroads, CWB, Larry Bertel Jr.
  • DAK Order of Battle, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Road Less Traveled On, Hobby, Dean Essig

#22 Fall 1996

  • Report from Origins '96, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Can a Gamers Fan Club Exist?, Hobby, Larry Brien
  • The Chrome-Plated Enfield, CWB, Steven Cabral & Carl Nogueira
  • Napoleon and the Art of War, NBS, Ken Jacobsen
  • Running an OCS Air Campaign, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Options for Cauldron, SCS, Scott Johnson
  • Out Brief: A Report From Down the Path, Hobby, Dean Essig

#23 Winter 1996 (OOP)

  • Update on Gamers Consortium, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Moments in History Update, Hobby, Ulrich Blennemann
  • HomerCon Scrapbook, Hobby, HomerCon Attendees
  • Antietam Solitaire, CWB, Riccardo Rinaldi
  • TCS Opsheets: Down -n- Dirty, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Island of the Lost Nazis!, TCS, Dave Powell
  • SCS National Tournament at Origins '96, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • Air Warfare in the, OCS, OCS Lee Hamer
  • Non-Divisionals in the OCS, OCS, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: But What if He Never Shows Up? (and other whining), Hobby, Dean Essig

#24 Spring 1997

  • 1996 in Review, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Tank Commander: Eastern Front, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Tank Commander Rarities, MiH, staff
  • Gaines Mill Preview, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Stonewall Lives! Gettysburg Replay, CWB, Steve Poitinger & Deac Manross
  • The Two-Turn Lock in EatG, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Leros Play Tips, TCS, David Newport
  • On the Morning Hours at Marengo, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Infantry Movement Allowance Conversion, NBS, Dave Demko
  • The Weapons of Yom Kippur Part Three: Air Forces, SAMs and the Superpowers, SCS, Al Sandrik
  • SCS Tournament Planned for Origins '97, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • Out Brief: If You Ask, They Will Come, Hobby, Dean Essig

#25 Summer 1997

  • Tank Commander Tournament Rules, MiH Staff
  • Tank Commander FAQ, MiH Staff
  • Designer's Preview: DAK, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Designer's Preview: Crusader, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Front Commander (Soviets in EatG), OCS, Al Smith
  • Stalingrad Pocket II: Historical Setup, SCS, Dean Essig
  • On the Road to Columbus! (Origins '96), Hobby, Dave Powell
  • New CWB Operational-level Rules, CWB, Brandon Einhorn
  • Another View on Casualties, CWB, Mark Merritt
  • Fun at the Beach: How I Spent my Time at Origins, TCS, Ron Chacon
  • TCS Tactical Problem #1: Repulse of SR 12, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Out Brief: DAK, the Hobby, Industry & Business, Hobby, Dean Essig

#26 Fall 1997

  • MiH Optional rules/Errata, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Not Dead among the Undead: an Origins Report, Hobby, Dan Cicero
  • Boyz in da House: a Second View of Origins, Hobby, Will Volny
  • Preview of Semper Fi!, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Small Scenarios for TCS, TCS, Arnaud Bouis
  • CWB Tactics Quiz, CWB, David Newport
  • No Glory: German Survival Strategies in Hube's Pocket, OCS, Dave Friedrichs
  • Through the Toothpaste Tube, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Quartermaster's Nightmare?, OCS, Dario Benedetti
  • OCS Revisited, OCS, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: Dumb and Dumber, Hobby, Dave Demko

#27 Winter 1997

  • Napoleon at Bay: 6th in the Campaign Series, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • SCS Tournament - Origins 1997, SCS, Mike Lochtefeld
  • HomerCon: Gamers Retreat Players' Scrapbook, Hobby, various authors
  • Gaines Mill: Analysis of 5 Corps' Tactical Situation, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Repulse of SR 12: Contest Solutions, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Tactical Problem #2: Counterattack on Mt. Euncona, TCS, Lee Forester
  • From the Dustbin of History: the Bordello, OCS, Mauro de Vita
  • A Half Dozen Variants for Enemy at the Gates, OCS, G. Soprovich
  • Out Brief: Simulating Reality or Simulating a Game?, Hobby, Dean Essig

#28 Spring 1998

  • Eastwall Optional Rules, MiH, Dirk Blennemann
  • Ring of Fire Optional Supply Rules, MiH, Keith Beason
  • Business Report for 1997, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • JEB Stuart at Gettysburg: the South's Best Chance?, CWB, Philip Cutajar
  • Some Thoughts on CWB Command, CWB, David Newport
  • DAK: Historical Axis Shipping, OCS, Jim Daniels
  • DAK: Airborn Raid!, OCS, Mauro de Vita
  • Guderian's Panzers, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Acceptable Losses: Rebuilding Soviet Corps in EatG, OCS, Al Smith
  • Guns, Butter and Bugs, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Real Marines, Real Weapons, TCS, Dave Demko
  • Marine Boot Camp, TCS, Dave Demko
  • Nothing New Under the Sun, Hobby, Dave Demko

#29 Summer 1998

  • Origins '97 Retrospective, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • This Hallowed Ground Preview, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Adding Realism to Stalingrad Pocket I, SCS, Mark Romanow
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg Pt. 1, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Sidi Barrani: Planning, Playing and Fun!, OCS, Dean Essig & Dave Powell
  • TCS Tactical Problem #2 Results, TCS, Lee Forester
  • TCS TP #3: Assault of Hill 102, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • First Despatches and a Bit of Chrome, OSG, Kevin Zucker et al.
  • Out Brief: Realigning the Gears, Hobby, Dean Essig

#30 Fall 1998 (OOP)

  • Optional Command Rules, RSS, David Powell
  • Savage Station: June 29, 1862 Revisited, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Back to Jena-Auerstadt, OSG, Dave Demko
  • Good Things in Small Packages, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • The Northern Pincer, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • ACM Introduction, ACM, Dean Essig
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg, part 2, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • "It Burns, Burns, Burns, Like a Ring of Fire...", MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Victory Conditions and Gamey Tactics, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • The Next Hill? Avalon Hill in Transition, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Reprints and Other Topics, Hobby, Dean Essig

#31 Winter 1998 (OOP)

  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Got Dice? HomerCon '98 After-Action Reports, Hobby, various participants
  • HomerCon: Gamers Retreat Players' Scrapbook, Hobby, various participants
  • Tour of Duty, Game, D.A. Friedrichs & Dan Cicero
  • The D'Avanzo Column, History, Mauro de Vita & Steve Rothwell
  • Out Brief: Design for Control, Hobby, Dean Essig

#32 Spring 1999

  • Moments in History Briefing, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Gazala Preview, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Lodz 1914: First Blitzkrieg, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • The Gamers Business Report for 1998, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Campaign Planning, Theory, Ken Jacobson
  • This Hallowed Ground: First Play, First Day, RSS, Anders Frankson
  • Tactical Problem #3 Solution, TCS, Lee Forester & Joe Linder
  • Tactical Problem #4: 3 Brigade Stands Firm (ARS), TCS, Lee Forester
  • GD '40 Revisited, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • Turning the Tables: Optional Rules, MiH, Dave Popplewell
  • A New Opening for Enemy at the Gates, OCS, A. Leo Paulo
  • How to Avoid Those Bitter Woods, SCS, Leslie King
  • Out Brief: Putting 1998 to Bed..., Hobby, Dean Essig

#33 Summer 1999

  • Origins '99 Preview, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Introducing UGG, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Operation Felix, UGG, Udo Grebe
  • The Last Days, and Beyond, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • Cracking a Few Eggs (DAK), OCS, Dean Essig
  • Burma Designer's Preview, OCS, Dave Friedrichs
  • Choosing Your Options for the OCS, OCS, Rod Miller & Dave Demko
  • An OCS Assessment, OCS, Guy Wilde
  • Wanted: Design Theory, Design, Dean Essig
  • History as Optional Rules for the CWB, CWB, Jerry Ankeny
  • Out Brief: What is Winning?, Hobby, Dean Essig

#34 Fall 1999

  • Jungle Fever: Origins '99, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • THG Continuing Campaign Game, RSS, John Reed
  • Homer Con Europe '99, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Glendale: The South's Best Chance to Win the War?, CWB, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Tactical Problem #4 Solution, TCS, Lee Forester & Larry Brien
  • Tactical Problem #5: Infiltration!, TCS, Lee Forester
  • The Battle for Bir el Gobi - Part One, TCS/History, Mauro de Vita
  • Moments in History News, MiH, Dave Demko & Uli Blennemann
  • OSG Update, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • Tour of Duty: Developer's Notes and Disclaimer, Game notes, Dan Cicero
  • Out Brief: Working on Age of Rifles, Hobby, Dean Essig

#35 Winter 1999 (OOP)

  • La Guerre Player Notes, OSG, Christopher Moeller
  • Across the Danube: The NBS Returns, NBS, Dave Powell
  • The Battle for Bir el Gobi - Part Two, TCS/History, Mauro De Vita
  • This Hallowed Ground: Continuing Campaign #2, RSS, John Reed
  • HomerCon 1999: Victory's Scrapbook, Hobby, many participants
  • Alternate TCS Command Rules, TCS, Peter McCord
  • Yom Kippur, SCS, M.J. Bowen
  • Outbrief: Stable vs. Unstable Game Systems, Hobby, Dean Essig

#36 Spring 2000

  • Annual Company Summary, 1999, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Wildly Variable Reinforcements, CWB, Mark Milke
  • The Weyrother Option: an Austerlitz Variant, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Random Napoleon: Random Events for the NBS System, NBS, Anders Fager & Jerry Malone
  • TCS/ASL: Fighting TCS Battles with ASL Components, TCS, Don Menig
  • Just Sitting There..., OCS, Dean Essig
  • One Day at a Time with the OCS, OCS, Matt Noah
  • Out Brief: Directions for the Future and a Little Fun..., Hobby, Dean Essig

#37 Summer 2000

  • New Scenarios for 1806, OSG, Mike Bowen
  • THG, Continuing Campaign, 3rd Meeting, RSS, John Reed
  • This Terrible Sound, RSS, Dave Demko
  • Concealed Forces: A Variant for NBS/CWB, NBS, Anders Fager, P-O Jönssom
  • The Boys in White: A Guided Tour of the Austrian Army, NBS, Anders Fager
  • OCS Version 3.0, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Sicily Preview, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Burma, OCS, Henry Robinette
  • Up in the Air, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Exploitation in Drive on Paris, SCS, Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Diversity, Growth, and Plans..., Hobby, Dean Essig

#38 Fall 2000

  • UGG News and Cold Days Strategy Notes, UGG, Udo Grebe
  • Homercon Europe 2000, Hobby, Udo Grebe
  • Over there: My Trip to Euro Homercon, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Drive on Paris - Another Scenario and Some Options, SCS, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Hard Whip!!, CMin, Dean Essig
  • A Dog's Breakfast: Historical Invasion Plans for Sicily, OCS, Dave Demko
  • Stopping the Germans (Ardennes), SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • Out Brief: Flattening the Organization, Hobby, Dean Essig

#39 Winter 2000

  • HomerCon Roundup, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • In Progress: Guderian's Blitzkrieg II, OCS, Dave Demko and Dean Essig
  • Burma - The Indirect Approach in Practice, OCS, Jean Jodoin
  • DAK: Gazala Campaign Start AAR, OCS, Steve Massey
  • Gazala Variants, SCS, M.J. Bowen
  • A Frozen Hell: First Look, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Ivan, Your Backdoor Man, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Circus Minimus-Comments, Advanced Rules & Errata, CMin Dean Essig, Rod Miller, Chris Volny
  • This Terrible Sound: First Impressions, RSS, Jerry Ankeny
  • Outbrief: Some Items of Business, Hobby, Dean Essig

#40 Spring 2001

  • A Year in the Life of the Gamers, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Two Hard Weeks in Mississippi, CWB, Dan Cicero & Tom DeFranco
  • Soviet OOB for Guderian's Blitzkrieg II, OCS, Lynn Brower
  • Tenncon After Action Report, Hobby, Henry Robinette
  • Tulip Time: A Preview of Fallschirmjaeger, SCS, Dean Essig
  • Gaming Techniques, Hobby, Dave Demko
  • ConQuest 2000: A Photo Essay, Hobby, Mark Ruggiero
  • Yom Kippur Variants, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Orders, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Out Brief: Feedback Report, Hobby, Dean Essig

#41 Summer 2001

  • Random Events for This Hallowed Ground, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Ten Years of Operations Back Issues on Magweb.com, Hobby, Russ Lockwood, CEO MagWeb
  • May 1940, the German Assault on The Hague, SCS, Roy Van Veen
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg II: Come and Get It, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Setup and Strategy in Hube's Pocket, Part 1, OCS, Tony Zbaraschuk
  • A Frozen Hell: Tactical Challenges, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • More gaming Techniques, Hobby, Ric Van Dyke & Dave Demko
  • Out Brief: Cons & Stuff, Hobby, Dean Essig

#42 Winter 2002

  • Operational Studies Group News, OSG, Kevin Zucker
  • UGG News UGG, Udo Grebbe
  • 201-Year Jubilee Update (Marengo), NBS, Anders Fager, Jerry Malone, and Niek van Diepen
  • Espinosa: A Downloadable Free Game Experiment, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Chicken Marengo 2000, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Solution to Tactical Problem #5: Infiltration! (A Raging Storm), Lee Forester, Mike Kroona, Larry Brien
  • The Shiloh Project: A Preview of the Latest RSS Title, RSS, Dave Powell
  • Operation Michael Designer's Preview: Ludendorff's Last Chance in the West, SCS, John Best
  • Setup and Strategy in Hube's Pocket, Part 2, OCS, Tony Zbaraschuk
  • Out Brief: A View from the Mound, MMP, Curt Schilling

#43 Summer 2002

  • Austrian Columns in Aspern-Essling, NBS, Mike Bowen
  • HomerCon 2002 (announcement), Hobby, Dean Essig
  • O'Reilly's Horde and Other Napoleonic Units, NBS, Anders Fager
  • They Stink . . . Yikes, They Hurt!, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • How I Learned OCS, OCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • OCS Sicily as a History Lesson, OCS, Roger D. Hyman
  • Allied Invasion Plans for Sicily, OCS, Roger D. Hyman
  • Homer's Heroes: The Gamers Retreat 2001, Hobby, Dave Demko, Chip Pharr (photos)
  • Battle of Belgium—A Drive on Paris Scenario, SCS, Steve Newhouse
  • Légion des Volontaires Français, OCS/History, Ernesto Sassot
  • Circus Minimus WBC 2001 Report, CMin, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: MMP Changes Sales Plans, MMP

#44 Spring 2003

  • Rest and Recovery Optional Rules, TCS, Anders Fager
  • On Conquering Fortress Holland in Fallschirmjaeger, SCS, Henry Robinette
  • Notes on Fallschirmjaeger Scenario 5.1, SCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • Postcards from HomerCon 2002, Hobby, various authors
  • Operation Michael Variants, SCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • Variable German Entry in DAK, OCS, Mathew Hinkle
  • This Kind of War: Player's Notes for Korea, OCS, John Kisner
  • Designer's Preview of Monty's Gamble: Market Garden, B:N/Area, Michael Rinella

#45 Spring 2004

  • Civil War, Regimental Series Proposed v3.0 Rules, RSS, Bob Cloyd
  • OCS by the Numbers, OCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • Screaming Eagles in Holland - German Perspective, TCS, Jean Jodoin
  • La Phalange Africaine, OCS, Ernesto Sassot
  • HomerCon 2003 Photo Gallery, Hobby/HomerCon, Chip Pharr
  • Strategy in Monty's Gamble: Market Garden, New Series, Michael Rinella
  • Chinese Intervention Options for Korea, OCS, John Kisner
  • Playing the Odds in OCS Combat, OCS, Dave Demko
  • He Was Not All Mad: Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov (1779–1831), History/NBS, Anders Fager & Jerry Malone
  • ASL Winter Offensive 2004 Report, ASL, Perry Cocke
  • Guderian's Blitzkrieg II - Operation Typhoon, OCS, Andrew Fischer
  • ASL Starter Kit #1, ASL, MMP Staff

#46 Fall 2004 (OOP)

  • A New Scenario for DAK, OCS, Mike Stohlmeyer
  • Beach Party - Selecting Invasion Sites for Sicily, OCS, Jean Jodin
  • Forget Tunsia Modification - EATG, OCS, Morris Hadley
  • Up Front and the AFV Bailed Out Crew, Tom Cundiff
  • Holding on to Vierville, ASLSK#1, Brian Youse
  • Scenario ASLSK S7, Prelude to Festung Brest
  • Operation Michael - Scenario 7.2 Playtest, SCS, Jim Thomas and Jim Laffenburger
  • The Smashers - More German Aircraft, B-17, Bruce Peckman
  • Shifting Sands Preview, SS, Michael Rinella
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

#47 Spring 2005

  • How to Land in Holland, SCS, Ric Van Dyke
  • An additional unit for Sicily, OCS, Mauro De Vita
  • Strategy in Drive on Paris, SCS, Leslie King
  • GB II - Rules for transfer of units, OCS, Phil Smith
  • If I'm rolling, I'm losing, ASLSK#1, Ken Dunn
  • Scenario ASLSK S8, Ad Hoc At Chef-Du-Pont
  • Putting Order in Battle, research for Screaming Eagles, TCS, Carl Fung
  • OCS Initiative Modifications, OCS, Jim Brady
  • Monty's Solo:Operation Comet, MG;MG, Stefan Anton Federsel
  • Interdiction in the v3.1, OCS, Mike Waters
  • Artillery and OCS, OCS, Guy Wilde
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

#48 Winter 2005

  • Strategy and Tactics for The Mighty Endeavor - Allied Strategy, SCS, Steve Newhouse
  • Kirby Smith Goes to Murfreesboro - Proposed variant for No Better Place to Die, CWB, Rob Bottos
  • Strike Them a Blow - Expanded Designer Notes, CWB, Bob Munns
  • Case Blue - Playtest After Action Report, OCS, Thomas Buettner
  • Homercon 2004 Photo Gallery, Chip Pharr
  • Scenario ASLSK S17, A Ridge Too Far
  • Allied Strategy for Monty's Gamble:Market Garden - XXX Corps,A Race to Arnhem, MGM, Tod Whitehurst
  • Fire In The Sky Historical Notes - Part I, IGS, Terry Stibal and Niko Eskubi
  • Catalog, MMP Staff

#49 Spring 2006 (OOP)

  • Champion Hill Replay, CWB, Gregory Zachok
  • Thoughts on OCS Artillery, OCS, Jerald Thomas
  • Fire in the Sky Historical Notes, FitS, Terry Stibai and Niko Eskubi
  • Rate of Fire and Defensive Fire Mechanics, ASLSK, Jay Richardson
  • Jeb Stuart's Way, GCACW scenario , Kenneth Oates
  • Talavera For Dummies - History behind new NBS game, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Integrating Defensive Orders , CWB, Richie Crowe
  • Monty's Gamble Market Garden Series Replay- Part I, MGM, Tod Whitehurst and Paul Nied and Nels Thompson
  • Scenario ASLSK S18, Baking Bread
  • Intro to ASL from ASLSK #1, ASLSK, Jonathan Hipp

#50 Winter 2007 (OOP)

  • The Mighty Endeavor, SCS, Mark Woloshen
  • The Battle of the Scheldt, TME, Mark Woloshen
  • Civil War Brigade Series Random Events Updated, CWB, Elias Nordling and Thomas Prowell
  • On the Horizon - Update on OCS, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Back, Bad and Plumed, NBS, Anders Fager
  • Monty's Gamble Market Garden Series Replay- Part 2, MGM, Tod Whitehurst and Paul Nied and Nels Thompson
  • The Devil's Cauldron , TDC, Hans Korting
  • Scenario ASLSK S19, Purple Heart Lane, Brian Youse

#51 Summer 2007

  • Afirka II Retrospective, SCS, Alan Murphy
  • Friend or Foe, OCS, Guy Wilde
  • Big Battles, NBS, Anders Fager
  • More Realistic Fire Combat, CWR, Randall Rasmussen
  • Three Battles of Manassas, 2nd Scenario, CWB, Richie Crowe
  • Strolling Down Purple Heart Lane, Brian Youse
  • Scenario ASLSK S20, Out of Luck, Brian Youse

#52 Fall 2007

  • A Victory Lost - Series Replay, IGS, Pat Hirtle and Jon Gautier
  • Playing the Soviets in A Victory Lost, IGS, John Vasilakos
  • Playing the Germans in A Victory Lost, IGS, Jon Gautier
  • Talavera - A Playthrough, NBS, Elias Nordling
  • The Para Reserve in Monty's Gamble: Market Garden, Tom Cundiff
  • The Mighty Endeavor - After Action Report, SCS, Thomas Buettner
  • Scenario ASLSK S29, No Monumental Acclaim, MMP Staff

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