Star (disambiguation)

Star (disambiguation)

A star is a luminous cosmic body. For uses of stars as a symbol, see List of symbolic stars.

Star or stars may also refer to:


*Star Mountains, a mountain range in Papua New Guinea

United Kingdom

*Star, Anglesey, Wales
*Star, Fife, Scotland
*Star, Pembrokeshire, Wales
*Star, Somerset, England

United States

*Star, Idaho
*Star, Michigan
*Star, Mississippi
*Star, North Carolina
*Star, Texas


*Star, Bryansk Oblast, an urban-type settlement in Bryansk Oblast, Russia
*Star, Novgorod Oblast, a village in Novgorod Oblast, Russia

In arts and entertainment

*A movie star or film star is a celebrity in the film industry
*A pop star is a celebrity in the music industry


*Star (guitar), a solid body shape produced by several manufacturers


*"Stars" (Cher album) (1975), by American music icon Cher
*"Star" (album) (1993), by American alternative rock band Belly
*"Stars" (album) (1991), by British pop rock band Simply Red
*"Stars - The Best of 1992 - 2002" (2002), by Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries


*Stars (band), a Canadian indie rock band
*Stars (UK band), a British band that featured Syd Barrett
*Starz (band), an American heavy metal rock band of the late 1970s


*"Star" (Bryan Adams song), a song by Bryan Adams from the 1996 soundtrack for the movie "Jack"
*"Star" (David Bowie song), a song by David Bowie from his 1972 album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"
*"Star" (Kevin Ayers song), a song by Kevin Ayers
*"Stars" (Chloe song), a song by Chloe, released in 2004
*"Stars" (Cranberries song), a song by the alt-rock band The Cranberries, from their 2002 album "Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002"
*"Star" (Erasure song), a single by the band Erasure (1990)
*"Stars" (Roxette song), a song by music group Roxette
*"Stars" (Simply Red song), a song by Simply Red from the 1991 album of the same name
*"Star" (Stellar* song), a song by the band Stellar* from their album "Magic Line" (2001)
*"Stars" (Switchfoot song), a song by the alt-rock band Switchfoot, from their 2005 album "Nothing Is Sound"


*"The Star" (film), a 1952 Bette Davis movie
*Star (film), a 2001 Tamil film from India
*"Star! (film)", a 1968 Julie Andrews film
*Danielle Steel's Star, a 1993 television movie based on the novel by Danielle Steel
*"Star 80", a 1983 movie about Dorothy Stratten
*"Zvezda" (film), ("The Star"), a 2002 Russian movie


*Star!, a Canadian cable channel
*STAR TV (Asia), Satellite Television Asian Region
*Star Channel, Greek terrestrial television channel
*Star TV (Turkey) a Turkish nationwide channel

ports teams

*The Dallas Stars, a club of the National Hockey League
*The Texas Stars, a future club of the American Hockey League
*The Minnesota North Stars, a former club of the National Hockey League
*The Utah Stars, a team from the now defunct American Basketball Association
*The Huntsville Stars, a Minor League Baseball team

In other entertainment

*List of radio stations named Star
*Star (board game), an abstract board game
*"The Star", a short story by Arthur C. Clarke
*"Star", a novel by Danielle Steel
*"Star", a novel by Pamela Anderson
* STAR, The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers
*Stars!, a strategy computer game for Windows first released in 1995
*Stars series, a short run of soccer video games from EA Sports
*"Stars (game)", a BASIC game from the 1970s
*S.T.A.R.S. (Resident Evil), a fictional task force in the "Resident Evil" video game franchise

In science and technology

*Synthetically thinned aperture radar (STAR), a method of interferometric radar
*Star (game), in combinatorial game theory
*Star (graph theory), a tree with one vertex connected to every other vertex
*Star-algebra, an associative algebra
*Star domain, in Set theory
*Star network, a computer network topology
*Kleene star, in computer science, a unary operation on strings, symbols, or characters
*mzStar, a mass spectrometry data formats convertion software
*Pyrotechnic star, a solid piece of pyrotechnic mixture which is loaded into a shell
*Xerox Star, an office automation workstation introduced in 1981 by Xerox

In transportation

*Star (automobile), a Durant automobile from the 1920s
*Star (sailboat), a class of small racing sailboat
*Star Airlines, a French airline
*Star Air, an Indonesian airline
*Star Alliance, an airline alliance
*Star class locomotive
*Star Cruises, one of the largest cruise lines in the world
*Star Motor Company, a British car maker from 1898 to 1932
*Star Ferry, a Hong Kong ferryboat service
*Star routes, a US postal service term
*FCS Star, Polish truck manufacturer
*M/S Star, a RoPax ferry for the Estonian ferry company Tallink
*Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society, an air ambulance service
*"Star of Scilly", a vessel wrecked at St Ives, Cornwall in 1900
*Standard Terminal Arrival Route, or STAR, a published procedure followed by aircraft on an IFR flight plan just before reaching a destination airport

Other uses

*Star (newspaper), the name of several newspapers and magazines
*STAR (interbank network), an interbank network in the United States
*Stars (restaurant), San Francisco restaurant that pioneered California cuisine, 1984–1999
*Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A., a Spanish firearms company

ee also

*List of symbolic stars
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*Evening star (disambiguation)
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*Stars in astrology

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