Joy Destiny Tobing

Joy Destiny Tobing

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Name = Joy Tobing
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Birth_name = Joy Destiny Tiurma Tobing
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Origin = Indonesia
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Genre = Pop, Gospel
Occupation = Singer
Years_active = 1997 – present (music)

Label = Rhema Records, Sony BMG
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Joy Tobing (born Joy Destiny Tiurma Tobing on March 20, 1980, in Jakarta) is an Indonesian gospel singer and the winner of the first season "Indonesian Idol" in September 2004.

As Indonesian Idol is criticized as being more and more corrupted and not a real talent-spotter, many people considered the first season Indonesian Idol as the season with most talented finalists [ [ Indonesia Matters on Indonesian Idol ] ] . But many compliments from the judges (as opposed to the judges' sharp comments to other finalists) and Joy's confidence on the stage made some people still criticized the competition as being unfair, since Joy was considered not really an amateur [ [ Indra Lesmana: Kontroversi Joy dan Delon Jangan Dibesar-besarkan!] ] . Joy's ability to perform well in diverse genre was shown for example during "Spectacular Show 5th", when she chose to sing "Kamu Harus Cepat Pulang". This song was a popular pop-rock song from the Indonesian all-time rock band Slank, which had had a strong image as a song that would be sung well only by a male singer.

Joy was said to be expected to represent Indonesia in the Asian Idol and World Idol. However, within weeks after her win, she had disagreement with the idol show management, Indomugi Pratama, and her recording company, BMG Indonesia, insisting that as an artist she should not only have obligations but also have rights [ [ Joy: Saya Tak Mundur Dari Idol ] ] , [ [ Joy Putuskan Kontrak Dengan BMG ] ] . During a press conference in November 2004, the team of Indomugi Pratama, BMG Indonesia, RCTI, and Fremantle Media who hold the license of Indonesian Idol program, then claimed they were not sending Joy (actually, nobody else also) to any Asian or World Idol because of this. They considered her disobedience as her failure to behave as a good idol [ [ Joy Terancam Tak Diikutkan ke World Idol ] ] , [ [ Joy Tidak Dikirim ke World Idol ] ] , [ [ News archives: Diserbu koalisi manajemen - JawaPos ] ] . As a result, Delon, the runner-up, was much more heavily promoted by Freemantle Media.

In March 2005, Joy terminated her contract with BMG Indonesia, who in September 2004 has released her Idol album "Terima Kasih". In her press conference, Joy and her lawyer stated the reason was that she had long been treated unfairly. BMG Indonesia had never informed her about the selling of the album and did not give her any royalty. They had given three legal warnings but had been getting no response from BMG Indonesia [ [ Joy Putuskan Kontrak Dengan BMG - Gatra ] ] , [ [ Joy Tobing Putuskan Kontrak Dengan BMG - Suara Merdeka ] ] .

As the first winner of Indonesian Idol, Joy has expressed in the media several times about her main wish to become an internationally recognized professional singer. However, as a result of her dispute with the Indonesian Idol management, her fame has seems been faded and her activities are currently not really known in public. Her latest album Rise was produced by Kevin Porée and Charlotte Gordon Cumming and recorded at Berry Street Studio, London and was released in Singapore in 2005, but the promotion was not so much in her own country. Traces of Joy’s achievements during Indonesian Idol are still being kept though by her fans, as they uploaded their own personal videos in media like YouTube. It is said that while still struggling for her dream, Joy continues singing especially in Christian and Batak communities, an activity that she has been done since before she became famous through Indonesian Idol [ [ Batak Community Online ] ] .


Joy was born on March 20, 1980, as the first daughter of Jamarudut J.M.L Tobing dan Roma Intan Boru Sibuea. Her youngest sister, "Jelita Novalentina Tobing", is also a singer and was a contestant on the rival Indonesian reality show "Akademi Fantasi Indosiar". The family came from Tarutung, North Sumatra. Joy is a descendant of Batak [ [ Music and Arts in Indonesia, SEAMEO Regional School Internet Project ] ] .

Joy’s father was a taxi driver. Since young, Joy followed vocal lessons and singing festivals from her schools and local communities. Since she was 9 years old, she has participated in competitions in Malaysia, China, Finland and KazakhstanFact|date=September 2007. Her biggest achievement was during Pioneer Asia 5th Laser Karaoke Competition in Shanghai, as she was not only the first winner but also received Most Talented Award. However, back in Indonesia, no music company wanted to publish her. Her family then made their own, "Joy Record", and she recorded several albums, mostly Christian and folk songs.

During Indonesian Idol competition, Joy was also a student at the Christian University of Indonesia, majoring in English Literature. She graduated in 2006Fact|date=September 2007.her website at


* 1994: "Cipta Pesona Bintang", RCTI
* 1995: "1 Final Aksi", RCTI
* 1997: Pioneer Asia 5th Laser Karaoke Competition
* 2004: Indonesian Idol, RCTI

Indonesian Idol performances

* Top 30: "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinéad O'Connor
* Top 11: "Seindah Biasa" by Siti Nurhaliza
* Top 9: "Khayal" by Purnama Sultan
* Top 8: "To Love You More" by Céline Dion
* Top 7: "Pelangi" by Chrisye
* Top 6: "Kamu Harus Cepat Pulang" by Slank
* Top 5: "Pesta" by Elfa's Singer
* Top 4: "Mengertilah Kasih" by Ruth Sahanaya
* Top 4: "Kuakui" by Dewi Sandra
* Top 3: "Yang Terbaik" by Ruth Sahanaya
* Top 3: "Surat Cinta" by Vina Panduwinata
* Grand Final: "Karena Cinta" by Glenn Fredly
* Grand Final: "Kuakui" by Dewi Sandra
* Grand Final: "The Trouble With Love Is" by Kelly Clarkson


Before joining Indonesian Idol competition, Joy has released several records, mostly Christian songs and songs in her family dialect (Batak). According to Joy's father, BMG Indonesia has been informed about this during the parents' interview with BMG when she made to the final [ [ News archives: BMG cuek soal rebutan suara Joy Tobing - JawaPos ] ] . It became a big news when Octopus Record published her old record, "The Song Of Joy", around the same time as the release of "Terima Kasih", her Idol album, and during her dispute with Indomugi Pratama and BMG Indonesia. "The Song of Joy" had been recorded since 1998-1999, but had not been released until that September 2004. According to Octopus Record, they had asked permission from BMG to release Joy's old records. They had also offered BMG to buy the recording master so then there would be no competition, but BMG refused it [ [ Joy Tobing Dapat Masalah Lagi ] ] , [ [ Berebut Suara Emas Joy Destiny Tobing ] ] .

The incidents between some finalists and the show management, Indomugi Pratama, had actually occurred previously. One of the Top 4, "Helena Andrian", ceased the contract and had to withdraw from the competition shortly before the Grand Final, also causing her to be hastily expelled in the middle of a night from the apartment provided for the finalists. According to Helena, around 2-3 weeks before the Grand Final, all of a sudden the finalists were asked to sign a new contract with a new show management, Indomugi Pratama, with little time to consult or think about the contents and little information on how their future management program would be. Among clauses that she disagreed were that all finalists were bound to Indomugi Pratama until 3 months after the Grand Final, when Indomugi Pratama would then decide who would stay with them for the following 3 years. After this 3 years, Indomugi Pratama would still continue to receive royalty for 15 years in total. The same issues about the fairness of the contract, the haste when the finalists were asked to sign it, and the royalty were also complained by Joy [ [ Butir Kontrak Mencengkeram Idol ] ] , [ [ Helena: Diusir Tengah Malam ] ] . Later, another two finalists, Karen and Nania, were said to also leave their contracts with Indomugi Pratama. As the winner though, Joy could not escape from her contract as luckily as her peers. While Joy insisted that she wanted a fair treatment and equal rights, some people criticized her protest.

Discography 1

As of December 2005, Joy is the only Idol to release around 15-20 albums (including the ones before Idol)Fact|date=September 2007. Some of these are:
* "Didia" ("Where" - in Tapanuli dialect)
* "Pada Kaki Salib-Mu" ("At The Foot of Your Cross") with her sister, Jelita Tobing
* "Praise & Worship" Compilation
* "Wave Of Worship" Compilation
* "Katakan Salahku"
* "Joy"
* "The Song Of Joy"
* "" Compilation
* "Terima Kasih" ("Thank You")
* "Rise"
* "Welcome to BCA", the theme song of BCA
* "Mujizat Itu Nyata" ("The Miracle is True")

Discography 2



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