Canada (disambiguation)

Canada (disambiguation)

Canada generally refers to the country in North America, derived from an St. Lawrence Iroquoians word meaning "village" or "settlement". When he first used the word "Canada", Jacques Cartier referred to the region of modern Quebec City.


Historical locales

Canada may refer to historical regions now subsumed by Canada:
* Canada, New France, a French colony along the St. Lawrence River
* The Canadas, British colonies:
** Upper Canada
** Lower Canada
* The united Province of Canada, formed from Upper and Lower Canada which then became Canada West and Canada East respectively

Current locales

* Upper Canada Village, a heritage park near Morrisburg, Ontario
* City of Canada Bay, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
** Canada Bay, New South Wales, a suburb of the city
* Canada Creek Ranch, Michigan, USA
* Canada Glacier, in Antarctica
* Canada, Hampshire, in England
* Canada, Kansas, USA, a township in Labette County
* Canada, Kentucky, USA
* Canada, North Carolina, USA, a township in Jackson County
* Canada Park, a region of the West Bank
* Little Canada, Minnesota, USA
* New Canada, Maine, USA
* West Canada Creek, a small river in upstate New York, USA
* Barque Canada Reef, part of the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea
* New Canada, Gaborone, Botswana, a neighbourhood of Gaborone


*The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada.

Buildings and structures

Buildings and structures with Canada in their name include:
* Canada Dock, a dock on the River Mersey and part of the Port of Liverpool
* Canada Square Complex, three interconnected office buildings located in Toronto
* Canada Square, a square on Canary Wharf, Docklands, Tower Hamlets in east end of London
** One Canada Square, the tallest building in London & Britain, commonly known as the Canary Wharf Tower
* Canada Water, an area in south-east London around the former Canada Dock of the Surrey Commercial Docks.
** Canada Water tube station, a London Underground station at Canada Water
* The slang name for the warehouse section in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, where property taken from prisoners was sorted by other inmates before being shipped by the trainloads to Nazi Germany. As a place of plentitude, the warehouse section was nicknamed after the country, which was widely believed by inmates to be a land of great prosperity and abundance, notwithstanding few of them had actually ever been to Canada.

"Canada" is still used in Poland when someone wants to express that something is very fine. The expression "Oh, it is from Canada!" was formed in Poland when gifts were sent from former Poles living in Canada. Above it is commented as "slang" and "nickname" which sounds quite wrong. When "Canada" was used for stolen property in the camp it was one of the many cynical ways the Nazis looked upon the jews (which also many Poles did).


The term "Canada" is associated with the following concepts:
* Canada Day, Canada's national holiday
* O Canada, the country's national anthem
* Ô Canada! mon pays, mes amours, a French Canadian song
* Canada, a song also known as "The Centennial Song", written to celebrate Canada's centennial
* Canada, an album by Barb Jungr and Michael Parker
* Order of Canada, a civilian honour
* HMS "Canada", a battleship in the Royal Navy
* Canadarm and Canadarm2, robotic arms that equip the US Space Shuttle and International Space Station respectively
* "Oh, it is from Canada!" (in Polish), see above "Building and structures".


The following species are named for their relation to Canada:
* Canada Buffaloberry, a shrub of the genus Shepherdia
* Canada Goose
* Canada Lynx, a relative of the Eurasian Lynx
* Canada Warbler, a small songbird
* Canadia, an extinct polychaete annelid whose name derives from Canada

People and organizations

* Canada Lee, an actor who pioneered roles for African-Americans
* Canada First, a movement organized in Toronto in the 1870s to promote the creation of a Canadian nationality
* Canada (music group), folk music group
* Lisa Canada, a former Playboy model
* Ron Canada, American actor
* Tom Canada, football player


* Air Canada, an airline
** also operates Air Canada Jazz, Air Canada Tango and others (see )
* Canada Dock Branch, a railway line in Liverpool, England
* Trans Canada Trail, a 18 078 km long trail in Canada

Media and communications

* Blame Canada, a song from the film ""
* Boards of Canada, a Scottish electronic music duo
* Canada Now, an early-evening national news program aired on CBC Television
* Hockey Night in Canada, a popular television broadcast of National Hockey League games in Canada
* Made in Canada, a Canadian television sitcom, syndicated as The Industry outside Canada
* Occupied Canada, a fictional (alternative) history of the Dominion of Canada since 1863
* Report Canada, a show that aired on TVOntario
* Sounds Like Canada, a radio program which airs weekday mornings on CBC Radio One
* Trans-Canada Network, now known as CBC Radio One


The Spanish word "cañada" means "glen" and may be confused with "Canada".
* "see Cañada"


* Canada de los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
* La Cañada Flintridge, California, USA

People and organizations

* Cañada College, a community college in California
* David Cañada, sometimes spelt "David Canada", Spanish cyclist

ee also

*Canada's name
*Kanata, Ontario
*Kanada (disambiguation)
*Canadian (disambiguation)
*Upper Canada (disambiguation)
*Canada Dry
*Kannada language, a Dravidian language of India

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