Air University (Pakistan)

Air University (Pakistan)

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:"For the American University, see Air University (United States)."

Air University, is a Federally Chartered Public Sector University located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established by the Pakistan Air Force in 2002 and is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).


The Air University (AU) has established spacious and well equipped campus located in the foot of the Margalla hills with a very conducive and disciplined environment for learning. The campus is equipped with state of the art laboratories which are among the best in the country. The University is a degree awarding autonomous institution and its graduates are highly valued in the job market which is an evidence of the credibility of its degree .The curriculum taught in the university is regularly updated according to the market needs. The AU has signed several MOUs with well reputed foreign universities for quality assurance in undergraduate / graduate programs including teaching and research carried out by MS / PhD studies. The Air University faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals from some of the most reputable universities of the world.

Students of Air University are provided with laptops on easy installments. The Air University also offers free health coverage for all its students. The University has a close liaison with industries and user organizations. The Placement Office of the university provides internships and placement facilities to the students. Air University is the institution for guidance and grooming of the future generations.


Air University is open to all classes and segments of society and offers degree programs in Engineering, Computer and Management Sciences.

Air University is currently offering Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in the following disciplines:1-) Mechatronics Engineering2-) Electronics Engineering3-) Telecommunication Engineering4-) Software Engineering5-) Business Administration;

and Masters (MS) programs in1-) Mechatronics (Controls) Engineering2-) Electronics Engineering3-) Avionics Engineering4-) Aerospace Engineering5-) Business Administration

All the engineering degrees of the institution are recognised by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)& HEC.

ocities & Clubs

Students Literary SocietyThe Air University Literary Society (AULS) has been actively involved in almost all the major co-curricular activities held at the Air University, especially in 2007. The society organizes activities like debate/speech contests, poetry competitions, seminars, lectures by guest speakers, essay competitions, etc. It thus provides a strong platform to the students where they can express their views openly and also improve their on-stage confidence and oral presentation skills. The AULS not only holds in-house functions but also prepares the students for participation in various events held in other institutions all over Pakistan.

Cultural SocietyThe Cultural Society of Air University is a major contributor towards the personality development of the students. It is a platform through which various activities like quiz competitions, spring festivals, current affair discussions and national day's celebrations take place. It provides opportunity to the student to relive their culture and to inculcate patriotism among them. In addition, it creates skills like time management, project management, and communication skills, etc., which are an essential part of modern education. This platform enables the university to produce awareness in graduates about the competitive world.

AU Newsletter"In the Air" began last year as a regular monthly newsletter of Air University. Primarily it has been a compilation of material of students’ interest. It also covers events that take place in the university. Students contribute reports, share poems, and articles, and show great enthusiasm about the newsletter in general. Other than the monthly issues, there has been an annual round-up which has summed up AU activities in the year 2007. We are also proud to have an electronic version of the newsletter on the intranet homepage of the Air University web where a direct link takes one to the latest issue. One can also upload contributions and give suggestions. We hope we can inculcate some good reading habits in students. The editorial board strongly believes that development of a harmonious personality is the need of the day. A major reason for imbalance in personalities is lack of reading habits which broadens the horizon and helps in problem solving. Reading makes a complete person, as Bacon said in the seventeenth century, and the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said 1500 years ago. With time we shall start publishing research projects and eventually have an AU journal that would also cover the faculty developments. Students and faculty are encouraged to write and contribute.

AU Islamic SocietyAir University Islamic Society was established to create more awareness of Islam within the university campus and to help students fulfill its fundamental obligations. The main objective is to organize seminars, presentations, and lectures by scholars to help learn the different issues faced by the contemporary Muslim world and to enlighten the young Muslim generation to the connection between Islamic teachings and the modern day knowledge. During the past year the society has arranged various events of which the most prominent was a Milad in the spring semester; and significant lectures by distinguished scholars.

Engineering Research and Computer Society (ERCS)The Society was formed in 2002 with a view to provide a forum for students to remain abreast of the latest developments and research in Engineering and Computer Science. ERCS endeavors to bring innovative ideas into practical shape. ERCS has already made much progress in its endeavors, e.g.In summer 2003 it held short courses of Visual C, Industrial Automation and Computer Graphics.

Published ERCS newslettersThree of its members won the 2nd prize in Softcom 2004, held at GIKI.Participated in All Pakistan Robot Contest 2005 organized by the E&ME College and won the first prize.

Adventure ClubThe University hiking club fosters comradeship among the students and faculty. Hiking trips are regularly arranged to nearby Margalla Hills. The club has some exciting plans for hiking in the northern areas in the coming summer.

Music SocietyThe Society is formed by AU Students who play different musical instruments and some who enjoy signing. The practice and plan their compositions and perform in front of AU students in the cafeteria during their free times. In the past, they arranged musical competitions by inviting bands from other universities.

Drama Society (Thespian)The Thespian Society arranges Short plays, and invites guest actors and directors to give talks about acting, directing and stage managing. During the student's weeks, the Society organized acting competitions.

Science & Technology SocietyScience and Technology Society arranges talks, films and exhibitions. Guest speakers who are senior professors in prominent universities with specialization in a particular scientific field are invited for talks. Students have visited many universities to compete in model designing.

Air University Gaming Society (AUGS)AUGS is one of the most active, popular and organized society on campus. It has been present in Air University since 2003 and is one of the oldest societies. A numerous number of AIRIANS put in tremendous efforts to create and manage the environment of computer gaming and AUGS continues to carry-on their efforts with the same commitment and zeal.Starting from just six students, the society now has over fifty members who are not only are active gamers, but also handle every affair of the society. Every week students gather and challenge each other in different computer games.AUGS arranges an annual inter-university gaming tournament (AUX Tournament) which provides a wonderful opportunity for all gaming enthusiasts to play against teams from every class at AU as well as from other universities.AUGS also features a Volunteer Program which trains a team of members to handle and manage some aspects of the society. This eventually leads to a Transfer Of Society Ceremony at the end of every year in which the outgoing Management Team transfers its authority to a selected team of juniors who had volunteered.(By:Omair-habib)BEE


The University arranges occasional educational visits to other eminent institutions of the country and places of general interest. Recently, two separate groups of students from the Faculties of Engineering and Administrative Sciences visited LUMS, UET Lahore and GIKI. They spent one week in these institutes and keenly observed their educational activities. Besides bonding with the students, they also had the unique opportunity to meet the higher management of these institutions and exchange views on various issues. Excursion cum study trips were made to Hattar Factory, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Bhurban Golf Club and Kalabagh Base.

Seminars & WorkshopsAir University encourages its students and faculty members to arrange seminars and workshops. Each department participates enthusiastically in these activities in which eminent scholars and leaders are invited to share their events with the faculty and students.]

Social EventsStudents arrange social, cultural and sporting events during the semester and holidays. Musical concerts are hugely popular and several of these have been successfully organized and conducted by the students. While the University provides the guidance and resources, the students are encouraged to organize these events by themselves.

Sports ActivitiesA healthy body has a healthy mind. Air University encourages its students to participate in sports to enable them to develop physically as well as mentally. Facilities for both outdoor as well as indoor games are available. All sports activities are organized by the students themselves. Competitive events like inter-department, inter-university sports and galas are enthusiastically attended and provide healthy respite. Highly qualified and experienced staff is available to guide the sportsmen/sportswomen. Air University students have keenly participated in competitions in hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, athletics, tug-of-war, boxing, basketball and handball held in a number of other universities and won laurels for their alma mater.

Faculty Development Programmes

To maintain the quality education amongst its students, Faculty of Social Sciences has started Faculty Development programmes. Most of the Experienced and qualified faculty members share their experiences and problem solving skills with their peers to enable each other to work out problems at their ends.

These seminars are conducted after faculty's need analysis and help the module not only to improve but introduce teaching methodologies to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. The topics for this programme range from Discipline, Communication Skills, Social Capital, Curriculum Development, Modernization, Modern Teaching Methodology to Management System.

This sharing makes transferring knowledge more efficiently. Since these programmes aim at recognizing a problem, defining it, discovering solutions and rationalizing alternatives to enable the faculties to progress in all fields of specialties.

The approach to these programmes varies from formal to informal depending on the topics and the resource persons. The Vice Chancellor has shown interest in developing the AU faculty. Newsletter"In the Air" began last year as a regular monthly newsletter of Air University. Primarily it has been a compilation of material of students' interest. It also covers events that take place in the university. Students contribute reports, share poems, and articles, and show great enthusiasm about the newsletter in general. Other than the monthly issues, there has been an annual round-up which has summed up AU activities in the year 2007. We are also proud to have an electronic version of the newsletter on the intranet homepage of the Air University web where a direct link takes one to the latest issue. One can also upload contributions and give suggestions. We hope we can inculcate some good reading habits in students. The editorial board strongly believes that development of a harmonious personality is the need of the day. A major reason for imbalance in personalities is lack of reading habits which broadens the horizon and helps in problem solving. Reading makes a complete person as Bacon said in the seventeenth century, and the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said 1500 years ago. With time we shall start publishing research projects and eventually have an AU journal that would also cover the faculty developments. Students and faculty are encouraged to write and contribute.


Air University Central LibraryThe library contains over 10 thousand volumes in the technical and general areas of interest to the students and faculty. There is paid subscription to 21 periodicals which can also be accessed electronically. A computerized catalog on the local area network allows patrons to locate required material more efficiently from anywhere on campus and off-campus. The library has several workstations too. The digital library of the HEC offers access to full text of about 20 thousand journals and is available for any member of the library. Other services include Press Clipping Service, provision of Table of Contents, Fresh Arrivals Information Service and Reprographic Service.

The library offers programs that help patron make better use of in-house and internet-based resources. Library's own coffee corner and provision of board games, checker and scrabble, have played an important role in making it a lively gathering place-a fun place to visit-a place where material for recreation and leisure is also available. In addition to this, it's a great pleasure for the library to share an array of video resources by means of regular film shows. In near future we intend to offer some more interesting services, e.g. library lunch time talks (Brown Bag Presentations), topical exhibitions and all that which makes it a knowledge and fun place in its true sense.

Medical Health CareAir university offers free health coverage for all its students through a preset `Health Insurance Program`.

Salient Features:-

Doctor Room` is located in the university campus where doctor is available during university hours.

Doctor Room` is equipped with general emergency equipment including E/R couch, E/R cupboard & medicines where minor emergencies like Asthmatic attacks, Superficial lacerated wounds requiring stitching, HTN and Vertigo due to weakness are easily managed.

Free consultation with doctor regarding Psychological Problems & Health Related Diseases within the university campus.

In-Patient Hospitalization limit of Rs.20,000/- per year.

In case of major emergencies, Patients are referred to Panel Hospitals.

TransportAir University offers transport facility (pick & drop) to its students on payment within Islamabad / Rawalpindi area.

Cafeteria.The University cafeteria provides a pleasant atmosphere for students. Meals and refreshments are available at subsidized rates. A Students Services Center with a much more spacious dining facility is under construction and it shall be ready in the next one year.

HostelThe University does not have its own hostels presently. However, to facilitate the students from other cities, the Admission Office provides information on recommended hostels in Islamabad to candidates interested in availing the hostel facilities.

Placement ServicesThe Career Placement Office of the Air University is dedicated to provide university students/graduates with the information, links and tools necessary for successful career adoption and advancement. The office serves as a liaison between prospective employers and the university students. It coordinates with more than 100 organizations like PTCL, Nokia, Mobilink, Al-warid, Ufone, Telenor, Appollo Telecom, Huawei Technologies, ZTE, Asian Development Bank, Askari Commercial Bank, Bank Al-Falah, Attock Petroleum Ltd., Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Islamabad Serena Hotel etc. for students' placements and internships.

Placement office arranges interviews of graduated students of various disciplines, the whole year and has been able to place Air University Graduates in multinationals like Telenor, Suparco, Mobiserve, Huawei, Redtone, ZTE, RCM2, eWorldWide and Bank Al-Falah etc.

This year, the office arranged more than 44 job placements and 50 internships. It also invited Guest Speakers from local, foreign and multinational companies. Additionally, the office provided information for U.S. Scholarships on Higher Education and arranged meetings between AU Chair Department and key persons from different multinationals and international organizations. It assisted the final year students for preparation of interviews and arranged students' tours to various local organizations. Placement office also arranged on campus interviews of different organizations like Suparco, Asian Development Bank, Microtech, Micronet Broadband Ltd. etc. Placement Office is also helping AU students in resume preparation, interviews techniques, career counseling and assistance in searching job opportunities with new tools and techniques.


A student of Mechatronics Department (Batch of 2008), Mr. Salman Rizvi, was awarded the United States Fulbright Undergraduate Scholarship in 2006. He was selected amongst the top 40 students from across Pakistan. The selection procedure was rigorous and only the best students were selected from various universities. The trip was held from 15th July 2006 till the end of August. This six-week program was completely funded by the United States Department of State. During his stay, he represented Air University on a global level at MIT (Boston), Harvard University (Boston), Yale University (Connecticut), University of Massachusetts (Amherst), University of Arizona (Tucson), Columbia University (New York) and at the US State Department Headquarters in Washington DC. Salman also represented Air University in the World Youth Conference 2006 amongst other institutes from across 42 countries which serves as an inspiration for all AIRIANS.

International Linkages

First MoU was signed between Air University and Kingston University, UK in November 2005 for quality assurance in Undergraduate / Graduate teaching programs including teaching and research carried out by MS / PhD students. Both institutions also agreed to explore the possibility of mutual cooperation for the establishment of the new Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics at Air University, Islamabad.

Second MoU was signed between Air University and Institute for International Bildungskooperation, Germany in December 2005 for quality assurance in Undergraduate / Graduate teaching programmes including teaching and research carried out by MS / PhD students and ensure the Faculty Development Program.

Third MoU was signed between Air University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden in May 2006 for promoting mutually beneficial cooperation in scientific, educational and other relations comprising of exchange of information on educational and research programmes, exchange of information during scientific seminars, workshops or conferences on problems of interest to both institutions and exchange of scientific and educational literature produced by either or both parties.

Life at Campus

The AU students get plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. There are students' societies and clubs, which organize activities of their choice and interest. The University encourages the students to self manage these societies and clubs and provides the required resources and guidance. There is great enthusiasm among students about these activities as these provide a mental relaxation. These activities also bring to the foreground their leadership, organizational, and management skills.

Research Labs @ AU

Engineering LaboratoriesStudents are provided with the opportunity to augment their learning through practical work in the modern laboratories. These labs are fully equipped to undertake high end research in the fields of aerospace, avionics, electronics, mechanical, mechatronics, and telecommunications engineering. Furthermore, these labs are adaptable, reconfigurable and modular, making them ideally suited for research in the wide range of fields

These laboratories are assisting the students to increase the understandings of fundamental engineering concepts. Lab experiments are designed in coherence with theory. Hence, students understand the concepts of engineering in reality.

1. Aerospace Sensors & Systems LaboratoryAerospace sensors lab aims at providing the research facility for advanced study in aerospace sensors such as sensors modeling, linearization, sensor failure detection, complimentary filtering, and multiple sensor fusion. This lab uses the modular test and measurement system platform extended in SCXI signal conditioning interfaces that allow programmable filtering and signal conditioning to the sensors signal including activation. This lab when used in conjunction with avionics system integration becomes a unique air craft instrumentation and avionics integration test-bed for research purposes.

2. Avionics Integration LaboratoryThe aim of this lab is to provide state of the art hybrid avionics equipment integration, and systems development platform, supporting multiple busses, multiple platforms and unified operations. Demonstration of implementing multiple gateways is possible through state of the art reconfigurable and programmable H/W. Complete instrumentation ready lab will be the key strength of avionics integration facility. It may be noted that Avionics Integration test-bed aims at the integration of one specific aircraft while research test-bed aims at providing a toolset for simulating environment for any research purpose in the area of avionics integration and aerospace sensors systems.

3. Control Engineering LaboratoryThe Control Engineering Lab at the Electrical Engineering Department is equipped with the latest training modules. The concepts in control engineering are experimentally verified on computer based training systems. The trainers assist in enhancing the concepts starting from simulating a simple transfer function, sensing and measuring various quantities, PID control to as complex as controlling coupled multivariable nonlinear systems such as Magnetic Levitation System, Twin-Rotor MIMO System, Gyro-stable platform and 3-degree-of-freedom Helicopter Model. The trainers offer maneuverings to both analog and digital systems. Moreover, industrial control is introduced using the Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers.

4. Digital Signal and Image Processing LaboratoryDigital signal processors are used for a wide range of applications, from communications and controls to speech and image processing. The general-purpose digital signal processor is dominated by applications in communications (cellular). Applications embedded digital signal processors are dominated by consumer products. They are found in cellular phones, fax/modems, disk drives, radio, printers, hearing aids, MP3 players, high-definition television (HDTV), digital cameras, and so on. These processors have become the products of choice for a number of consumer applications, since they have become very cost-effective.

5. ECM and RADAR LaboratoryThe aim of this lab is to provide complete test facility in the range of the software defined radios, frequency hopping radios and systems, jamming and test bed for jamming facility, Wireless Ad hoc networks, HF, UHF, VHF spectrum monitoring and selective jamming including the concepts of OFDM implementation and testing services.

6. Electro-optics LaboratoryThis lab aims at providing the state of the art thermal imaging, optical and image Processing and tracking, multiple sensors fusion FLIR/CCD, robust image registration techniques, optical measurement and testing using spectrometry, fiber optic sensors calibration, linearization and testing facility. Also included in the scope of this lab are fault diagnostics using multiple vision sensors, laser applications, light source, monochrome and color LEDs testing.

7. Electronic Systems LaboratoryElectronics System Lab is the Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics Lab. It is equipped with high frequency oscilloscopes, function generators, curve tracers and digital Electronics trainers.

Its Function Generators are stable, low distraction and can generate signal in the frequency range up to 10 MHz. The Curve Tracer is a high performance test instrument. When it is combined with a general purpose scope, characteristic curves of all type of semiconductor can be accurately displayed. Digital Electronics Trainer is aimed at being a teaching and development tool for students. .

8. Embedded Systems LaboratoryThe Embedded Systems Lab is equipped with 27 sets of PC based Microprocessor and Microcontroller Interfacing stations, a variety of Micro Controllers, Micro Controller Kits, 10 FPGA Training Kits with FPGA Cards, all types of tools, accessories, Digital Multi Meters, Universal Programmer ALL-11, Digital Storage Oscilloscope etc. components, consumables, on bench illumination lights, Computers, Multimedia, Engineering software, a CD database, set of technical books and manuals. The Embedded Systems Lab is offering practical facilities for all Microprocessor and Micro-controller Basics, Interfacing, Programming, Controlling and Monitoring.

9. Machine Design LaboratoryIt is equipped with centrifugal apparatus, gyroscopic motion, static and dynamics balancing, epicyclical gear train, fly wheel and cam follower apparatus. Students perform experiments on these equipments for machine design course.

10. Mechanics of Material LaboratoryThis lab has basic equipment for mechanics of material like bending in straight beams, curved beam. It also has torsion apparatus and Charpy impact tester. Students perform some basic experiment regarding mechanics of material in this lab.

11. Mechanical Workshop LaboratoryWorkshop contains lathe machines, milling machine, shaper, hand-press drill. It is also equipped with necessary wood tools. Gas and arc welding equipment is also available. Students from all disciplines make small projects in first year of engineering.

12. Power Electronics and Electrical Machines LaboratoryIThe Electrical Machines and Power Electronics laboratory is used to carry out practical work for the Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Electromagnetic Waves. It is equipped with software controlled Lab-Volt (Canada) equipment, which is useful to perform experiments related to Single Phase/Three Phase Transformers, A/C Generators/Motors, and D/C Generators/Motors etc.

In order to perform Power Electronics related experiments it has lab Software Controlled Lab-Volt (Canada), Terco (Sweden), and K&H (Taiwan) equipment to perform experiments related to Power Thyristors, MOSFET, A/C Motor Drives, D/C Motor Drives, and Speed Regulation etc.

This Laboratory is also equipped with Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Multimeters, and D/C Power Supplies.

13. RF and Optical Communication LaboratoryRF and optical communication lab is designed with versatile training systems to familiarize students with the practical aspect of microwave and optical phenomenon. Comprehensive lab handouts are designed for all the systems and are provided to the students to facilitate them in the practical work. Students also benefit from planar array antennas constructed using microstrip technology. The digital telephony System including digital switching system, telephony training system, and trunk networks are used to practically demonstrate the concepts of telephone networks.

14. Robotics LaboratoryIt is equipped with Lego Mind Stroms for the beginners to start with robotics project. It has also 5 DOF SCARA Robot, with conveyor belt setup for the joint space and trajectory simulation projects. It has also Alen Bradley PLCs’ for the introduction and implementation of industrial automation systems to students.

15. Thermodynamics LaboratoryThermodynamics lab is equipped with temperature measurement, pressure measurement, and humidity measurement equipment. It is also equipped with Marcet Boiler to do experiments on steam and calculate its dryness fraction. It has the heat pump trainer and refrigeration trainer. Students perform the thermodynamics experiments on these trainers.

16. Thermo Fluid LaboratoryIt has fluid mechanics and heat transfer equipment. Fluid mechanics lab is state of the art lab including all under graduate experiments like flow over weirs, impact of jet, vortex flow, losses in pipes and bends, laminar and turbulent flow visualization etc. Heat transfer lab has also equipped with computer controlled conduction, convection and combined conduction and convection experiments.

17. The Project laboratoryThe Project laboratory is equipped with equipments of multidimensional nature. The purpose of this laboratory is to facilitate students of all semesters from all engineering disciplines in their respective semester projects as well as in final year design projects.

General project related design and testing equipments including personal computers, oscilloscopes, function generators and high wattage power supplies have been made available in ample quantity. Availability of two latest ALL-11 Universal Programmers is another positive, its capability of programming any chip from any vendor be it microcontroller, AVR, PIC, EEPROM, UVROM etc makes it the best programming option in the world available as yet..

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