Eli or ELI may refer to:

*Eli (אלי), a variant on the name of God as spoken in Hebrew and Aramaic. (The "i" suffix indicates first person singular possession, i.e., "my El" or "my God") [In Semitic languages, the "al" and "el" sounds are often merged, (as in "ael") thus the Aramaic "Eli" is directly related to the Arabic Allah and identical to Hebrew "El". It is related also to similar Semitic words in Assyrian (ilu), Phoenician, Aramaic, Arabic and Ethiopic.] [In Hebrew and many Yiddish Languages, Eli means "the highest" or "to the Highest".]

In people:
*Eli (name), a common first name in Hebrew (includes a list of people and fictional characters with the given name Eli)
*Eli (Bible) (עלי), Biblical priest of Shiloh and Israelite judge, who trained the young prophet Samuel
*Eli, a nickname for a Yale University student, after Yale benefactor Elihu Yale

In places:
*Eli (town) (עלי), an Israeli settlement in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)

In organizations:
*European Laser Institute, a network composed of the European leading research organizations and medium-sized companies
*English Language Institute an educational facility

In popular culture:
*ELI (film) a 2007 short science-fiction thriller

See also

*Eli (name), for the list of people and fictional characters with the name Eli
*Eli, Eli


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