Bolt (firearm)

Bolt (firearm)

A bolt is a mechanical part of a firearm that blocks the rear of the chamber while the powder burns.

In a bolt action, the bolt is held fixed by its locking lugs, forcing all the expanding gas forward.

In a semi-automatic firearm, the bolt can move forward or backward, guided by expanding gas or the recoil spring. When it moves forward it pushes a cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. When it moves backward, the extractor pulls the spent casing from the chamber. Once the case is clear the ejector kicks the case out of the weapon. The extractor and firing pin are often integral parts of the bolt.

ee also

* Breechblock
* Open bolt
* Closed bolt
* Recoil operation
* Blowback (arms)
* Gas-Operated
* Slamfire


* [ Full Auto] describes the function of the bolt in detail

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