Survey may refer to:


*Surveying, the technique and science of measuring positions and distances on Earth
*Aerial survey, a method of collecting information using aerial photography
*Cadastral survey, used to document land ownership, by the production of documents, diagrams, plats, and maps
*Deviation survey, used in the oil industry to measure a borehole's departure from the vertical
*Dominion Land Survey, the method used to divide most of Western Canada into one-square-mile sections for agricultural and other purposes
*Public Land Survey System, a method used in the United States to survey and identify land parcels
*Survey township, a square unit of land, six miles (~9.7 km) on a side, used by the U.S. Public Land Survey System


*Statistical survey, a collection of quantitative information about members of a population
**Census, a collection of information about every member of a population
**Sampling (statistics), collecting information on only a sample of a population
*Opinion poll, an informal collection of opinions using sampling
*Quantitative marketing research, the use of surveys to collect data for marketing purposes
*Paid survey, statistical survey which rewards the participant, often used to collect information for marketing purposes
*Questionnaire, a series of questions used to gather information

Earth Sciences

*Geological survey, an investigation of the subsurface of the ground to create a geological map or model
*Geophysical survey, the systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies
*Soil survey, the mapping of the properties and varieties of soil in a given area
*Archaeological field survey, the collection of information by archaeologists prior to excavation
*Hydrographic survey, the gathering of information about navigable waters for the purposes of safe navigation of vessels
*Cave survey, the three-dimensional mapping of underground caverns; the resulting map is also referred to as a survey


*Astronomical survey, imaging or mapping regions of the sky
*Durchmusterung, a German word for a systematic survey of objects or data, generally used in astronomy
*Redshift survey, an astronomical survey of a section of the sky to calculate the distance of objects from Earth


*Survey article, a scholarly publication to summarize an area of research


*The Institut Géographique National, a French state establishment which produces and maintains geographical information for France and its territories
*The Survey of India, India's central agency in charge of mapping and surveying
*The Zoological Survey of India studies the fauna of India
*The British Geological Survey, a body which carries out geological survey and monitoring of the UK landmass
*The Ordnance Survey, national mapping agency for Great Britain
*The British Antarctic Survey, conducts scientific research in and around Antarctica for the United Kingdom
*The United States Geological Survey, government scientific research agency which studies the landscape of the United States
*The U.S. National Geodetic Survey, performs geographic surveys as part of the U.S. Department of Commerce

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