Submachine gun competition

Submachine gun competition

Submachine gun and belt-fed machine gun shooting competitions take place across the United States every month in many states where firearms which fall under the National Firearms Act are legal. Although submachine gun competitions have been happening in the United States of America since the early 1980s, it is one of the least-known shooting disciplines due to the restricted nature of the firearms involved.

To the novice submachine gun competitor, the average match would have many of the same elements as a IDPA or IPSC event with the only difference being the firearm used and the amounts of ammunition carried. Usually competitors move through a stage while being timed as he or she navigates the course of fire (COF) and shoots the various target types.

A competitor in a typical subgun match may use anywhere from 300 to 800 rounds (i.e., cartridges with bullets) of ammunition depending on the number of targets, the shooter's skill, and the stage design. Some sub gun events incorporate other firearms into the matches such as pistol and shotgun. Some of the firearms used are the Heckler & Koch MP5, Uzi and Mini Uzi, M16 in 9mm, Sterling, Sten, Thompson, Carl Gustav M/45 / Swedish K and the MP40, as well as many others.

States which have Subgun competitions as of October 2007

Florida, Indiana, Texas , Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oregon, Mississippi, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia


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