GS may stand for:


* Gaza Strip
* Golden State, Nickname for California
* South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (ISO country code)
** .gs, an Internet country code top-level domain


* The American singer, Gwen Stefani
* The famous BoBo of Shirokane Takanawa, Prostitute
* The famous Michel, whos is official GS in Korea,Bruce Lee, surname = GFP (Gros Faux Propre)
* The famous hidden Belgium guy who will mary soon (and that's a shame)
* The Gros "S" CHIEN rouge à pois verts who's driving his scooter like a charclot
* The famous and well known Gros Sale from the Vol' ( 'salut papa, rien sur toi...strange'


* Glideslope
* Ghostscript, a free software suite for handling PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) files
* Roland GS, an extension of General MIDI electronic musical instruments' specification by Roland Corporation
* The group separator character in the C0 control code set.
* The Apple IIGS was a computer in the Apple II series, named for its graphic and sound capabilities
* Genome Sequencer, a scientific instrument made by 454 Life Sciences


* The shortened form for Turkish sports club Galatasaray S.K.
* Giant Slalom skiing
* Grand slam (baseball), an occurrence in baseball when a batter hits a home run while the bases are loaded.


* Glasgow Subway
* Girl Scouts of the USA
* Goldman Sachs, (nyse2|GS), one of the world's largest global investment banks.
* GS Group, a Korean company that is a spin-off from the LG Group
* Geological Society of London, the oldest geological society in the world.

Media and Games

* Gathering Speed, studio album by Big Big Train
* GameShark, a video game cheating device
* GameSpot, an online gaming community
* GemStone IV, a text-based multiplayer online roleplaying game by Simutronics Corp.
* Golden Sun, a video game for the Game Boy Advance
* Graphics Synthesizer, the graphics processor for the PlayStation 2
* Green Screen, a variant of the 'blue screen' technique used in visual effects
* Group Sounds, a genre of Japanese rock
* Gundam Seed, a Japanese anime television series which is part of the Gundam franchise
* Pokémon Gold and Silver
* Game Show

Government and Regulatory

* General Schedule, a prefix designating a pay grade in the United States civil service
* Geprüfte Sicherheit, a safety mark appearing on electrical equipment


* Air Foyle IATA airline designator
* Gilbert's syndrome, a liver enzyme disorder which can cause elevated levels of serum bilirubin.
* in BSDM an abbreviation for "golden showers"
* Gs is a frequent misspelling of "g", the physical unit g-force
* Guest Star
* Gs is a slang term for gangsters, commonly used in the HipHop scene.
* Gs_alpha_subunit, a subtype of G-protein coupled receptors


* BMW GS on-road/off-road motorcycles (e.g. R1100GS)
* Lexus GS
* Buick GS
* the GS, a model of car produced by French automobile manufacturer Citroën
* Giulietta Spyder, a car made by Alfa Romeo
* Suzuki GS series, a line of motorcycles
* GS Yuasa Corp, car battery maker.

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