Winchester (disambiguation)

Winchester (disambiguation)

Winchester is a historic city in southern England.

Winchester may also refer to:

**Winchester Cathedral, a cathedral located in Winchester
**Winchester College, a public school in Winchester
**University of Winchester, a university in Winchester
*Winchester (UK Parliament constituency)
*City of Winchester, the local government district containing Winchester


In Canada:
*Winchester, Ontario

In New Zealand:
*Winchester, New Zealand

In the United States:
*Winchester, Arkansas
*Winchester, California
*Winchester (San Jose), a neighborhood of San Jose, California
*Winchester, Connecticut
* Winchester, Macon County, Georgia
* Winchester, Idaho
*Winchester, Illinois
*Winchester, Indiana
* Winchester, Van Buren County, Iowa
*Winchester, Kansas
*Winchester, Kentucky
* Winchester, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
*Winchester, Massachusetts
* Winchester, Wayne County, Mississippi
*Winchester, Missouri
*Winchester, Nevada
*Winchester, New Hampshire
* Winchester, Erie County, New York
*Winchester, Ohio
*Winchester, Oklahoma
*Winchester, Oregon
*Winchester, Tennessee
*Winchester, Texas
*Winchester, Virginia
* Winchester, Grant County, Washington
*Winchester, Vilas County, Wisconsin
*Winchester, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
*Winchester, Wyoming


*Caleb Thomas Winchester (1847-1920), professor for English literature at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
*Colin Winchester (1933-1989), Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, became the highest ranking officer to be murdered in Australian policing history
*John de Winchester (d. 1460), bishop of Moray
*Oliver Winchester (1810-1880), largest stockholder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company
*Sarah Lockwood Winchester (1837-1922), wife of William Winchester
*Simon Winchester, author and journalist
*William Wirt Winchester (1838-1881), son of Oliver Winchester

Fictional persons

*Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, a character in the television series "M*A*S*H"
*John Winchester "(Supernatural)", a character in the television series "Supernatural"
*Dean Winchester, a character in the television series "Supernatural"
* Sam Winchester, a character in the television series "Supernatural"


*Winchester Mystery House, a well-known California mansion that is now a tourist attraction
*Winchester measure, an archaic set of weights and measures
*Winchester quart, an archaic measure of volume
*Winchester (bottle), a type of glass bottle used in laboratories for the storage of corrosive chemicals
*Winchester Repeating Arms Company, maker of the Winchester rifle
*Winchester rifle
*"Winchester disk", an alternative term for "hard disk" originating from the codename of the IBM 3340 hard disk
*Winchester, codename for an Athlon 64 processor
*"Winchester", military aviation slang to indicate an aircraft has expended all ordnance except for gun or cannon
*"The Winchester", pub in the movie "Shaun of The Dead"
*The Book of Winchester, also known as the Domesday Book, the record of the great survey of England completed in 1086 for William I

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