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Origin = England
Genre = Downtempo Turntablism Electronic music Breakbeat Future Jazz Trip hop
Years_active = 1983 – present
Label = Ninja Tune Shadow Records Sideburn Recordings Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
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Funki Porcini is musician and DJ, James Braddell, from England.His music is a combination of Downtempo, Breakbeat and Jazz, with elements of Hip hop, Drum and bass, sampling and time-stretched vocals.

He spent ten years in Italy making music for film and television. Thereafter, he returned to England. In 1994 he signed to independent record label Ninja Tune and set up his own studio, "The Uterus Goldmine". He has released four albums to date.

For his forth album, "Fast Asleep", Braddell worked with Team Alcohol (aka Rupert Small) to produce visual interpretations of eight tracks, which are included on the album's accompanying DVD disc.

He has also recorded as a member of 9 Lazy 9 (aka 8 Lazy Bastards), under the pseudonym Giacomo Braddellini; and released the EP "Float On" (1995), as a member of short-lived band Purr, along with DJ N4Eric (aka Toona) and Stuart Warren-Hill of Hexstatic.



* "Hed Phone Sex" (May 1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN17/ZENCD17, 2xLP/CD)
* "Love, Pussycats and Carwrecks" (June 1996, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN23/ZENCD23, 2xLP/CD)
* "The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds" (1999-03-29, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN40/ZENCD40, 2xLP/CD)
* "Fast Asleep" (29 July, 2002, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN57/ZENCD57, 2xLP/CD+DVD)
* "On" (2008?, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZENCD140, CD)


* "It's A Long Road" (Feb 1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1224, 12")
* "Dubble" (1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1231, 12")
* "King Ashabanapal mixes / King Ashabanapal's Big Pink Inflatable" (1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1237/ZENCDS37/39, 12"/CDS)
* "Hyde Park / Suck Acid, Perl & Dean" (1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1239, 12")
* "Carwreck" (1996, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1247/ZENCDS47, 12"/CDS)
* "Let's See What Carmen Can Do" (1996-04-07, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1250/ZENCDS50, 12"/CDS)
* "Love, Pussycats & Carwrecks EP" (1996-08-30, Shadow Records, Cat. no: SDW-12011-1, 12")
* "Funki Porcini Vs Jerry Van Rooyen" (1997, Sideburn Recordings, Cat. no: SB 001, 12")
* "Rockit Soul" (1999-02, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN1276/ZENCDS76, 12"/CDS)
* "Zombie" (19 Oct 1999, Crippled Dick Hot Wax!, Cat. no: CDHW 063, 12"/CDS)
* "The Great Drive By" (24 October 2001, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN12102, 12")

Compilations (Non Albums Tracks)

As James Bradell

* "Untitled" on "Rising From The Red Sand (Volume Three)" (Sep 1983, Third Mind Records, Cat. no: TMT 13, Cassete)

As Funki Porchini

* "Trip To Nowhere" on "Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies" (15 Jule 1997, SSR Records/Small, Cat. no: SSR 187 LP;SSR 187 CD/SMA 487972-2, 4x12"/2xCD)
* "Z Cars" (with Cujo) on "Joint Ventures" (11 Nov 1997, NINEBARecords/Shadow Records, Cat. no: NOZACD06/SDW032-2, CD)
* "Z Cars (Superintatude Mix)" (with Cujo) on "Joint Ventures" (1997, NINEBARecords, Cat. no: NOZALP06, 2x12")
* "Crashism" on "Endlessnessism" (1998, Dot, Cat. no: DOTLP04/DOTCD04, 4x12"/2xCD)


* Clusterfunk - "Refungalised (Funki Porchini mix)" from "Inside (Blapps! and Funki Porcini remixes)" (June 1995, Ninja Tune, Cat. no: ZEN 1227R, 12")
* Journeyman - "Mama 6 (Funki Porcini Remix)" from "Earthrise.Ntone.1" (1995, Instinct Records, Cat. no: EX-322-1/EX-316-2, 4x12"/2xCD, Compilation)
* Unitone HiFi - "Guiding Star (Funki Porcini Remix)" from "Rewound + Rerubbed" (1996, Incoming!, Cat. no: INC!LP 3402/INC!CD 3308, 2x12"/CD)
* The Mike Flowers Pops - "Freebass (Cocaine Donut)" from "The Freebase Connection: The Mike Flowers Pops meets Aphex Twin" (29 July 1996, Lo Recordings, Cat. no: LOEP 02/LOEP 02 CD, 12"/CDS)
* Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - "Jericho Jerk (Funki Porcini Mix)" from "Metamorphose - Messe Pour Le Temps Présent" (1997, FFRR Records (US)/Philips Records (France), Cat. no: 456 294-2/456 650-1;456 294-2;456 640-2, CD, Compilation)
* Barbara Gogan with Hector Zazou - "Cradle Your Soul (Funki Porcini Mix)" from "Made On Earth (Remixes)" (1997, SSR Records, Cat. no: SSR 179, 12")
* Margoo - "Villain (Funki Porcini Remix)" from "Ariane 5 EP" (1997, Lo Recordings, Cat. no: LOEP 04, 12")
* "Sounds From The Ground" - "Over There (Purr Remix)" from "Sound Information 3" (1998, Echo Beach, Cat. no: EB020, CD, Compilation)
* Le Tone - "Joli Dragon (Funki Porcini Remix)" from "Joli Dragon" (1999, Creation Records, Cat. no: , 12")
* Toxic Lounge - "When Sorrows Came (Funki Porcini's Toxic Hammond)" from "When Sorrows Came" (29 August 2000, Klein Records, Cat. no: KL 015, 12")

DJ Mixes

* "Megamix" (56:03) from "Soundclash Present Undo" (disc 2: "Breaking Off With Funki Porcini") - (1999, Soundclash, Cat. no: SOUND CDLP 01, 2xCD, Compilation + Mixed CD)


* [ Fast Asleep review at]


"What Are You Looking At?", the opening track on Fast Asleep, features a vocal sample from the 1956 science fiction film "Them!"::"Gentlemen, science is agreed, that if something isn't done and done quickly, man as the dominant species of Earth will be extinct within a year."


* [ Funki Porcini at Ninja Tune website]
* [ Funki Porcini's Database and Fan site]
* [ Funki Porcini's Discography at Ninja Obsession]

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