Prva vojvođanska brigada (school)

Prva vojvođanska brigada (school)

Prva vojvođanska brigada (Прва војвођанска бригада) is an elementary school (for primary education) located in Novo Naselje, a quarter of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. It was built in 1980. The school provides education for 1st through 8th educational levels.

It also possess a relatively large sports hall, which is used for sport competitions as well as for other manifestations. The school building is also used for non-educational purposes, such as providing a place where citizens of the "Bistrica" local community can vote during elections.

The school has its own talents that have been proven in many tournaments and competitions. Various diplomas and medals have been awarded to kids of this school, as the recent success at the "Tesla Fest".A seminar of some sort where all the young talents expose their "home made" machinery.

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