Rabi Council of Leaders

Rabi Council of Leaders

The Rabi Council of Leaders and Elders is the municipal body administering Rabi Island, in Fiji. The 8-member Council has two representatives from each of Rabi's four villages. The Council chooses a Chairman, and also selects one of its own members to represent the community in the Kiribati parliament. (The Rabi Islanders, though Fijian citizens, still carry Kiribati passports and retain official ownership of Banaba Island, whence they or their ancestors came). The Council has its main office in the Fijian capital, Suva.

It was announced in January 2006 that the Rabi Council would be merged with the that of Kioa. Misieli Naivalu, the Commissioner for Fiji's Northern Division said on 23 January that Cabinet had decided on the 15th that both islands would benefit from the merger of their councils.

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