*An abundance of sunlight
*Sunny (song), a jazz standard by Bobby Hebb, covered by Boney M
*Sunny (Morrissey song), a song by Morrissey
*Seiyu Group, a Japanese supermarket
*"Sunny" (musical), a 1925 Jerome Kern musical
*"Sunny" (1930 film), a film adaptation of the musical
*"Sunny" (1941 film), a film adaptation of the musical
*Sunny (XM) - XM Satellite Radio channel 24
*Nissan Sunny, a vehicle
*Sunfish, particularly Centrarchidae.
*A nickname for the popular television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
*One of the main characters in the film "I, Robot"


*Sunny is a given name.
**It may also be short for Sundeep.
**It may also be an ironic nickname for a surly person.
*Tammy Sytch, professional wrestling diva, from her stage name
*Stephen Sunday, Spaniard footballer of Nigerian origin.
*Sunil Gavaskar, Indian cricketer, from his nickname
*Sunny Baudelaire, fictional character from the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books by Lemony Snicket
*Sunny (Cheryl Barldinger): competed for the American Gladiators in 1989.
*Sunny Lane, adult film star
*Sunny Leone, adult film star
*Sundeep Osahn, Asian/Indian Wedding Photographer
*Sunny Boy, a Namibian musician.
*Sunny Gurlukovich, fictional character from ""
* It may also be a short name for Sunita

ee also

* Sonny
* The Muslim religious sect is spelled "Sunni"

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