Addicted (or similar) may refer to:

* "Addicted" (2002 film), a South Korean film
* "Addicted" (2008 film), a remake of the South Korean film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar
* "Addicted" (album), an album by Sweetbox
* "Addicted" (single), a single from the Sweetbox album of the same name
* "Addicted" (Simple Plan song), a Simple Plan song
* ""Addicted" (Enrique Iglesias song)", a song by Enrique Iglesias
* ""Addicted" (Ace Young song)", a song by Ace Young
* ""Addicted" (P.O.D. song)", a song by P.O.D.
* Addicted, a song by Amy Winehouse
* Addicted, a song by Saving Abel
* "Addicted", the autobiography of former Arsenal captain Tony Adams
* "Addicted", a song by the American rock band Saving Abel
* "Addicted", a song by Palmerston that was featured on the videogame NASCAR 08
* "Addicted", a song by Kelly Clarkson from the Breakaway album
* "Addicted", a novel by Zane
* "Addictive" (song), a Truth Hurts song
* "Addict" (soundtrack), a soundtrack album from the "FLCL" anime series

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