SCSI log pages

SCSI log pages

SCSI target devices provide a number of SCSI log pages. These can be interrogated by a Log Sense command and in some cases can be set by a Log Select command. The Log Sense and Log Select commands include a 6-bit address field, allowing for 64 possible log pages. There is a standard map of log page addresses below. Note that any given SCSI device type will only support a subset of these log pages.

*00h - supported log pages
*01h - buffer over-run/under-run
*02h - error counter (write)
*03h - error counter (read)
*04h - error counter (read reverse)
*05h - error counter (verify)
*06h - non-medium error
*07h - last n error events
*08h-2Fh - reserved
*30h-3Eh - vendor-specific
*3Fh - reserved

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