Noh Poetry Records

Noh Poetry Records

Noh Poetry Records is a San Francisco, California based independent record label, founded by electronic musician Don Falcone and graphic artist Karen Anderson in May 1987. The label is dedicated to electronic, experimental, space rock and psych music.

Their first release was "Kamarupa," by Spaceship Eyes (Falcone's electronic solo project). Other Falcone bands and projects released on Noh Poetry have included Grindlestone, Quiet Celebration, Thessalonians, Fireclan (with former members of Melting Euphoria), and Falcone & Palmer.

The label's first and only compilation to date featured various artists. Titled "Where Stalks the Sandman," it included tracks by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson, Praxis (band) (a Bill Laswell musical project), and electronic music composer Kim Cascone (Thessalonians). The CD also featured the only track, "An Isolated Craft," that Falcone ever released by Don Falcone (as opposed to being by a band or project).

In 2008, The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions, by Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix was released. These were sessions for planned albums based on two of Moorcock's novels: "Gloriana, or The Unfulfill'd Queen" and The Entropy Tango.


  • Spaceship Eyes: Kamarupa (1997)
  • Quiet Celebration: Quiet Celebration (2000)
  • Where Stalks the Sandman: V/A (2001)
  • Fireclan: Sunrise to Sunset (2004)
  • Thessalonians: Solaristics (2005)
  • Falcone & Palmer: Gothic Ships (2007)
  • Grindlestone: "one" (2008)
  • Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix: "The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions" (2008)
  • Grindlestone: tone (2011)

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