Community Unionism

Community Unionism

Community Unionism describes the various ways in which trade unions can work with communities and community organisations. In this sense, the definition of the concept is as broad and multi-faceted as that of 'community'. Community Unionism is strongly linked in recent practice to Social Movement Unionism and the organising model of trade unionism.


* [ Article on Community Unionism] , by Carla Lipsig-Mumme from Monash University. Includes some discussion of history and different possible definitions.
* [ Section of an ILO booklet on Alliances and Solidarity to Promote Women Workers' Rights] , dealing with community alliances.

* [ Community Unionism Website] , by Amanda Tattersall containing some of her articles on community unionism, training documents, an annotated bibliography of articles and contacts for academics working on the topic.

ee also

* Social Movement Unionism
* Organising model of trade unionism
* Jobs with Justice
* Industrial Workers of the World

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