Buer is a spirit that appears in the 16th century grimoire Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and its derivatives, where he is described as a Great President of Hell, having fifty legions of demons under his command. He appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius. Buer teaches Natural and Moral Philosophy, Logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants. He also heals all infirmities, especially of men, and gives good familiars.

He is depicted in the shape of Sagittarius, which is as a centaur with a bow and arrows.

According to other authors he teaches Medicine, and has the head of a lion and five goat legs surrounding his body to walk in every direction.

Although the etymology of his name is uncertain, curiously there was an ancient city named "Buer" (now Gelsenkirchen) in Westphalia, Germany.

Buer in Popular Culture

* RBuer is portrayed in a Polish fantasy movie "Dzieje Mistrze Twardowskiegobuer" ("The Story of Master Twardowskibuer") about famous polish necromancer Pan Twardowski, as a president of Trade Collegium of Hell...or Devoncourt.

* A monster called a Buer (sometimes Buel) appears in the Final Fantasy series of games, usually as a multi-winged bat.

* Buer appears in the Game for the Nintendo DS and in as a Demon with a painfull Flaming rim of fire.

* Buer also appears in "HellDrivers" comic book as one of demons from Hell, who tortures little children,dogs,ants and small mammals and wants to snatch a soul from John Constantine.

* Buer appears in the Role Playing Game arkanun as a president of Hell.

* Buer appears in Alan Moore's comic book series "Promethea", when he is summoned (along with the entire Ars Goetia) to attack the title character by a magician named Ben Solomon.

* Buer appears in Grim Grimoire as a chimera, summoned using the alchemy rune.

* The first boss fight in Tales of Destiny 2 is against a monster called Buer.

* A "Buer" is also the slang name for a man who cannot leave his home.

* A mythical creature, known only as either a Buer or a Rustle Buer, has been said to wander the moors of Devon. The creature is said to be tall, grey skinned & is believed to mumble incoherent jibberish & make odd rustling noises. It is said that to encounter a Buer at close quarters brings a slow & lingering death.

* Buer also appears as a very lower-class British slang term for a woman (inferring that she is a prostitute) in Graham Greene's book "Brighton Rock". Greene appears to have invented this usage for the novel.

* Buer has a small comedic role as a lusty teacher in the manga series "Stray Little Devil" by Kotaro Mori. It is also apparent that he can teach without making any sort of signs of communication, phyiscal or otherwise, making him mute throughout the series.

* In the Dungeoens and Dragons supplement, Tome of Magic, a monster known as the Roving Mauler has the same appearance as Buer, and Buer is the name of one of the "vestiges" attainable as a member of the Binder class.There is a black garbed figure know as a "Buers" that is said to haunt Exmouth in Devon.It has been seen by several of the local townsfolk,mainly at night and mainly found squatting with a tootless grin,it is said to be found near banks of rivers..or indeed,just banks..hoarding.
*The Lesser Key of Solomon


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