Tav Prasad Swaiye

Tav Prasad Swaiye

Sudha Swayas: is a prayer composed by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru. This sacred hymn tells us how to worship and realise God. This Bani appears in the Dasam Granth on pages 13 to 15.

Below is the English Transliteration and Translation:

*Ik Oangkar waheguru ji ki fateh."*God is One, Wonderful Preceptor God is always victorious"

*patsahi 10"*composed by the 10th Guru"

*tav prasad saviaye"*By God’s blessings - Name of the Hymn Swaiye"

*Sravag sudh samuh sidhan ke dekh phirio ghar Jog jati ke."*Groups of monks, saints, jogis, and jatti’s of Jain and budha’s sects and their schools have been studied"

*Sur surardan sudh sudhadik sant samuh anek mati ke."*Groups of undaunted brave men, gods, demons, and all other sects of saints have been studied."

*Sare hi des ko dekh rahio mat kou na dekhiat pran pati ke."*All the ideoligies of all the countries have been also studied but the Lord of souls is still unseen."

*Siri bhagwan ki bhai kripa hu te ek rati bin ek rati ke."*All such are of no use if there is no faith in God and the blessing and grace of God is not achieved. (1)"

*Mate matang jare jar sang anup utang surang savare."*If invaluable elephants of very large size, decorated with most costly ornaments of gold, are being possessed."

*Kot turang kurang se kudat paun ko gaun ke jat nivare."*If the fleet of millions of galloping horses have the speed faster than wind, are being possessed."

*Bhari bhujan ke bhup bhali bidh niavat sis na jat bichare."*If innumerable kings have very strong arms, are loyal and they bow their heads."

*Ete bhae tu kaha bhae bhupat ant ko nange hi pane padhare."*If such transcendent emperors exist that does not matter as everyone has to depart nakedly. (2)"

*Jit pherai sabh des disan ko bajat dhol mridang nagare."*If all the countries are conquered and various kinds of big drums are beaten."

*Gunjat gur gajan ke sundar hinsat hi hayraj hajare."*If herds of millions of decorated elephants trumpet and millions of galloping horses are neighing."

*Bhut bhavikh bhavan ke bhupat kaun ganai nahi jat bichare."*Such emperors of the past, present, and future cannot be counted."

*Siri pat siri bhagvan bhaje bin kaun ganai nahi jat bichare."*Without adorning God, even such emperors are not mentioned in any considerations (by God). (3)"

*Tirath nan daya dam dan su sanjam nem anek bisekhai."*If baths may be taken at places of pilgrimage, all acts of kindness and mercy may be practiced and may types of performances for self continence with charities are performed."

*Beyd puraan kateb kuran jamin jaman saban ke pekhai."*If the vedas, puranas, the quran and all other holy books of the world are studied."

*Paun ahar jati jat dhar sabai su bichar hajark dekhai."*If subsisting upon air may be practiced and many other such performances be performed."

*Siri Bhagvan bhaje bin bhupat ek rati bin ek na lekhai."*In spite of all this, all such performances are useless without recitation and adoration of God. (4)"

*Sudh sipah durant dubah su saj sanah durjan dalainge."*If the tested indefatiguable and unconquerable soldiers, wearings tabards, have the power to crush enemies."

*Bhari guman bhare man mai kar parbat pankh hale na halainge."*If they are confident that the mountain may move from its position by acquiring wings but their steps cannot turn back upon the battle field."

*Tor areen maror mavasan mate matangan man malainge."*If th"ey crush the strong enemies by cutting their necks and demolish the pride of the frantic elephants.

*Siri pat siri bhagvan kripa bin tiag jahan nidan chalainge.
*They will depart from this world empty handed without the blessing of the Lord of the Universe. (5)

*Bir apar bade bariar ab chareh sar ki dhar bhachhaya."*Numerous indefatiguable and brave soldiers have the courage and strength to face the attack of swords and other arms."

*Torath des malind mavasan mate gajan ke man malayya."*Many countries are conquered and the revolting foes are being crushed along with the frantic elephants."

*Gare garan ko toranhar su batan hin chak char lavayya."*Strong forts may be seized and the whole world may be conquered merely by a single threat."

*Sahib siri sabh ko sirnaik jachak anek su ek divayya."*God is the only donor and supreme. Lord of all who are beggers before Him. (6)"

*Danav dev phanind nisachar bhut bhavik bhavan japainge."*The demons, the gods, king of cobras, ghosts, spirits have been reciting God’s Name since the past and they will recite in the future."

*Jiv jite jal mai thal mai pal hi pal mai sabh thap thapainge."*All the creations of the land and water can be created in a single moment by the creator."

*Punn pratapan badhat jai dhun papan ke bahu punj khapainge."*All the fruits of their noble actions which crush their all sins are being attained and they are appreciated honoured and contented."

*Sadh samuh prasann phiria jag satr sabhai avlok chaipainge."*Those saints who adore and worship God are leading their lives with all pleasures while their enemies kneel down. (7)"

*Manav indr gajindr naradhap jon trilok ko rak karainge."*The kings who woned the most powerful elephants have been ruling over the trimorphic world."

*Kot isnan gajadik dan anek suanbar saj barainge."*They have numerous obligations and they have distributed countless, elephants and other animals as charity and wedded princess by winnin savambras (marriage competitions)."

*Brahm mahesar bisan sachipat ant phase jam phas parainge."*Even the god of creation, god of death, the god of sustenance and king of heaven would have to die at last."

*Je nar siri pat ke pras hain pag te nar pher na deh dharainge."*Those who have adorned God, would be made free from the cycle of transmigration. (8)"

*Kaha bhayo jo dou lochan mund kai baith rahio bak dhian lagaeo."*Those who sit for meditation by closing both their eyes are of no use."

*Nhat phirio leeai sat samundran lok gayo parlok gavaio."*Those who have ablutions even in all the seven oceans would lose this as well as the next world."

*Bas kio bikhian so baith kai aise hi aise su bais bitaio."*Those who have spend their lives in sinful activities have also lost in the same way."

*Sach kahon sun leho sabai jin prem kio tin hee prabh paio."*All should listen to this truth that only those who love God can realize Him. (9)"

*Kahu lai pahan puj dhario sir kahu lai ling gare latkaio."*While worshipping stones some people are bowing before them and some others wear their severed phallus in their necks."

*Kahu lakhio har avachi disa meh kahu pachhah ko sis nivaio."*Some people have faith that God is in the south while others consider God, is toward the west and they are bowing their heads in those directions."

*Kauo butan ko pujat hai pas kou mritan ko pujan dhaio."*Some people are worshiping idols foolishly while others are adoring the dead."

*Kur kria urjhio sabh hi jag sri bhagwan ko bhed na paio."*The whole world is busy in such false performances without knowing the secret mystery of God. (10)"

* [http://www.sikhnet.com/s/ReadBanisOnline Read Tav Prasad Savaye online]

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