Wise or WISE may refer to:

* The adjectival form of wisdom


*WISE (AM), a radio station (1310 AM) licensed to Asheville, North Carolina, United States
*WISE-FM, a radio station (90.5 FM) licensed to Wise, Virginia, United States, repeating WVTF of Roanoke, Virginia
*WISE-TV, a television station (channel 33 analog/19 digital) licensed to Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States


* Audrey Wise (United Kingdom politician) (1935–2000)
* Bob Wise (American politician) (born 1948)
* Brownie Wise (American saleswoman) (1913–1992), developed "party plan" marketing
* David Wise (British video game music composer)
* Dennis Wise (English footballer) (born 1966)
* Ernie Wise (British comedian) (1925–1999)
* Glenn M. Wise (American politician)
* Henry A. Wise (American politician) (1806–1876)
* Isaac Mayer Wise (American Reform rabbi and author) (1819–1900)
* John Wise (clergyman) (1652–1725)
* John Wise (Canadian politician) (born 1935)
* John Wise (balloonist) (1808-1879)
* John Sergeant Wise (American congressman) (1846–1913)
* Mark B. Wise (physicist) (born 1953)
* Matt Wise (baseball player) (born 1975)
* Michael Wise (English composer) (1648-1687)
* Ray Wise (American actor) (born 1947)
* Rick Wise (baseball player) (born 1945)
* Robert Wise (American film producer and director) (1914–2005)
* Stephen Samuel Wise (U.S. rabbi and Zionist) (1862–1949)
* Steven M. Wise (author)
* Tim Wise (American anti-racist activist)
* Tom Wise (Member of the European Parliament) (born 1948)
* WISE (music) (Japanese hip hop artist)
* Wise (Stetsasonic), real name Leonardo Roman, a hip hop artist known as 'Wise' from the group 'Stetsasonic')


* Wise County, Texas
* Wise County, Virginia
* Wise River, Montana
* Wise Township, Michigan
* Wise, Virginia
* Wana, West Virginia, also known as Wise


*Wise Foods, Inc., a snack food manufacturer
*Wise Group, a Swedish Human Resources company
*Wise Solutions, Inc., an American software company that made the Wise software installation package
*Wise Stores, a Canadian department store, mainly in Quebec
*Wise Use, an affiliation of activists
*Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University
*World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, an organization affiliated with the Church of Scientology
*World Information Service on Energy
*The WISE Campaign, Women into Science, Engineering and Construction


*Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE mission), a NASA mission to survey galaxies
*Web-based Inquiry Science Environment

See also

* Weis
* Weiss
* Weisz
* Weiz
* Wiseman

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