Stairs (disambiguation)

Stairs (disambiguation)

Stairs may refer to:

* Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs), guitarist of Pavement
* A. Edison Stairs (b. 1924), New Brunswick politician
* Denis Stairs (1889-1980), engineer, Montreal businessman
* Ernest W. Stairs (1873-1941), New Brunswick politician
* John Fitzwilliam Stairs (1848-1904), Nova Scotia businessman, politician
* Matthew Wade Stairs (b. 1968), Major League Baseball player
* William Grant Stairs (1863-1892), explorer of Africa, leader of the Stairs Expedition
* William J. Stairs (b. 1956), Canadian political consultant
* William Machin Stairs (1789-1865), Canadian merchant, banker, statesman

Culture and Entertainment:
* The Stairs, Liverpudlian retro rock band.

See also:
* House of Stairs (disambiguation)

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