Bosa is a town in the province of Oristano (until May 2005 it was in the province of Nuoro), part of the Sardinia region of Italy. Bosa is situated about two-thirds of the way up the west coast of Sardinia, on a small hill, about 3 kilometers inland on the north bank of the Temo River. The town has maintained a population of around 8 000 people for a significant amount of time, but has an urban character that has differentiated it from other locations in Sardinia. Agriculture and fishing play an important part in the city economy, thanks to the river valley near the coast surrounded by hills and highland plateaus.

Its beach has been voted the most beautiful beach in Italy (2006).The town is experiencing an increasing touristic popularity.

Ecclesiastical history

It is asserted by some that the see was originally at Calmedia, but was transferred to Bosa after the destruction of the former town; also, that the first bishop was St. Emilius, sent thither by St. Peter and martyred in 70 AD but there is no historical evidence.

Pope St. Gregory the Great, in one of his letters, speaks of a Bishop of Bosa, without mentioning the bishop's name. [ [ Diocese of Bosa] - Catholic Encyclopedia article] In 1073 Constantino de Castro, Bishop of Bosa, who according to an inscription had built the cathedral dedicated to St. Peter, was appointed metropolitan of Torres by St. Gregory VII. Among the most illustrious bishops of this see are numbered: the learned Cardinal Giovanni Casanova (1424), G. Freancesco Fara (1591), author of the first (but very inaccurate) history of Sardinia; Serafino Esquirro, a learned theologian, who had been General of the Servites (1677).

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