1821 in music

1821 in music




*Johann Kaspar Aiblinger - "Rodrigo und Chimene"
*Michele Carafa - "Jeanne d'Arc à Orléans"
*Saverio Mercadante - "Andronico"
*Giovanni Pacini - "Cesare in Egitto"
*Carl Maria von Weber - "Der Freischütz"


*January 12 - Nikolai Afanisev, composer
*July 18 - Pauline Garcia-Viardot, singer and composer
*October 7 - Friedrich Kiel, composer
*December 22 - Giovanni Bottesini, composer


*June 25 - Anton Bullandt, bassoonist and composer (born 1750)
*August 6 - Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni, violinist, conductor and composer (born 1757)
*August 10 - Salvatore Viganò, choreographer and composer (born 1769)
*September 22 - Louise-Rosalie Lefebvre, "Madame Dugazon", entertainer (born 1755)
*October 28 - Gaspare Pacchierotti, "castrato" singer (born 1740)
*November 10 - Andreas Romberg, violinist and composer (born 1767)
*"date unknown" - Jules Granier, composer (born 1770)

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