The Galabeya (Arabic: _ar. الجلابية) is a tunic worn by Egyptian men and women (usually in a rural area). The Galabeya is the tradional garment of Egypt and men sometimes wear it with a Lasa, a silk scarf worn around the shoulders. The Galabeya is similar to the Abaya, a more decorative tunic that would be worn for more formal or festive occasions [ [ Dresses ] ] . The tunya (or tunic), is a garment similar to the Galabeya worn by monks, priests and bishops of the Coptic Church during liturgy prayers. The tunya is worn by clergy members over the galabeya.

The Galabeya is often worn by Sub-Saharan Africans as everyday wear, constrasted with the highly embroidered Boubou robe, of medieval Islamic origin.


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