Item may refer to:

* Item, entry in a list, or one object in a collection of objects.
* Item, the name of a town in Abia State of Nigeria.
* Collector's item, an object or item of any kind that has become valuable
* Configuration item, form the basis of configuration management in computer software, to control files, requirements, or another definable unit
* Greenhouse Item, the name for an American nuclear test conducted in 1951 as part of Operation Greenhouse at the Pacific Proving Ground
* Item number, a term commonly used to describe a catchy, upbeat dance song in an Indian movie that has no relevance to the plot of the film
* Item response theory, a body of theory used in the field of psychometrics
* Line item, an appropriation that is itemized on a separate line in a budget
** Line-item veto, the power of an executive to nullify or "cancel" specific provisions of a bill
** Line Item Veto Act of 1996, enacted a line-item veto for the Federal Government of the United States
* Item (game), the objects in a video game collected by the player character to increase the score or progress through the story.
* "Item (EP)", first release by the band Onetwo


* ITeM refers to the Uruguay-based Third World Institute (ITeM), going by its Spanish acronym Instituto del Tercer Mundo.

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