The South

The South

The South may refer to:

Geographic Regions

*The South, a region of the United States comprised chiefly of states which were part of the Confederacy during the American Civil War
**The Deep South and Upland South, subregions of the Southern United States
*The South of Ireland (Republic of Ireland)
*The South of England, a relatively wealthy area in England home to roughly two-thirds of the population. (see also: South East England, North-South divide in the United Kingdom)
*the South of France ("Le Midi"), a region known for its warm climate and tourism
*South Korea, as referred to by the North Koreans and pronounced as "Nam-Chosun"
*The southern regions of Italy
*The southern states of the global economic North-South divide
*The southern hemisphere
*The South (Spanish: "El Sur") Chile south of Bío-Bío River (Zona Sur and Zona Austral natural regions)
*South Province (Cameroon)


*The South (Rugby), a select Rugby Union team that drew its players from the South of Scotland
*The South (band), an emoviolence band.
*The South (Borges story)
*South, one of the four cardinal directions.


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