What Else Is There?

What Else Is There?

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Name = What Else Is There?

Artist = Röyksopp
from Album = The Understanding
Released = November 21 2005 December 5, 2005
Format = CD
Recorded = 2004
Genre = Electronica, Trip hop
Length = 5:17
Label = Astralwerks 11352
Producer =
Chart position =

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    Last single = "49 Percent (2005)
    This single = "What Else Is There?" (2005)
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    "What Else Is There?" is the third single from the Norwegian duo Röyksopp's second album "The Understanding". It features the vocals of Karin Dreijer Andersson from the electronica duo The Knife. The album was released in the UK with the help of Astralwerks.

    Track listing

    #"What Else Is There? (Radio Edit)" - 3:39
    #"What Else Is There? (Jacques Lu Cont Radio Mix)" - 3:50
    #"Alpha Male (Live From Roskilde)" 8:13
    #"What Else Is There? (Video)" - 3:31


    The single was officially released on December 5, 2005 in U.K. The single was a limited release on November 21, 2005 in order to promote the upcoming single. On the UK Singles Chart, it placed at #32 and reached #1 on the British Dance Chart."What Else Is There?" also spawned noted remixes from Vitalic, Trentemøller, and Stuart Price, better known as the Thin White Duke.

    Music video

    The music video was directed by Martin de Thurah, the CADS Music Vision Award winner for the best new Director. The video features model Marianne Schröder with a cameo by Karin Dreijer Andersson. In the video it is Schröder who is depicted to be performing the song, not Dreijer.

    Movie Spots

    The song is also featured in the movie Meet Bill, where the likes of Jessica Alba and Aaron Eckhart smoke marijauna while listening to it.

    Chart positions

    External links

    * [http://www.royksopp.com Official site]
    * [http://www.astralwerks.com/royksopp Astralwerks]

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