Wade or WAiDE could refer to:


* WADE (AM), a radio station in Wadesboro, North Carolina, United States


Wade is a surname, and may refer to
* Aaron Wade
* Abdoulaye Wade, Senegalese president
* Adam Wade, drummer for Jawbox and Shudder to Think
* Ben Wade
* Bernie L. Wade, Bishop
* Billy Wade (cricketer)
* Billy Wade (football player)
* Billy Wade (NASCAR)
* Bob Wade (basketball coach)
* Bobby Wade
* Charles Wade
* Dallas Toler-Wade
* Donald Wade, Liberal MP and later Lord Wade
* Doug Wade
* Dwyane Wade, professional basketball player
* Eddie Wade
* Emma Wade
* Fiona Wade
* George Wade (1673–1748), field marshal
* George A. Wade, Bishop
* Sir George Wade (pottery manufacturer) (1891-1996), was chairman of Wade Ceramics Ltd
* Henry Wade
* Herbie Wade
* Jack Wade
* Jake Wade (baseball)
* James Wade
* Jason Wade
* Jeptha Wade
* John Wade (football player)
* John Donald Wade
* Lance C. Wade
* Lee J. Wade, top bloke
* Mary Wade, youngest female convict transported to Australia
* Melissa Wade
* Mitchell Wade
* Morgan Wade
* Paul Wade
* Rico Wade
* Robert Wade (screenwriter)
* Robert Wade (chess player)
* Robert E. Wade
* Roger Alan Wade
* Ryan Wade
* Sanford Wade, Bishop
* Sean Wade, long-distance runner
* Stephen Wade
* Steve Wade
* Stuart Wade
* Terrell Wade
* Sir Thomas Francis Wade, the inventor of Wade-Giles
* Thomas Wade (1805-1875), English poet and dramatist
* Todd Wade
* Virginia Wade, a tennis player
* Wallace William Wade
* William Wade
* William Wade, Baron Wade of Chorlton
* Wyan Craig Wade, historianA sixteenth century English form of the surname is "Waad".

Wade is a first name, and may refer to
*Hendrik Wade Bode (1905-1982), US-American engineer
*Wade Boggs (* 1958), US-American baseball player
*Wade Hampton I (1754-1835), US-American soldier in Revolutionary War and War of 1812
*Wade Hampton II (1791-1858), US-American plantation owner and soldier in War of 1812
*Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), American Civil War soldier and politician
*Wade Hayes (* 1969), US-American country singer
*Wade Keyes (1821-1879), Confederate politician
*Wade Redden (* 1977), Canadian hockey player
*Wade Williams (* 1961), US-American actor


Places in the United States:
* Wade, Mississippi
* Wade, North Carolina
* Wade, Maine
* Ben Wade Township, Minnesota
* Wade Hampton, South Carolina
* Wade Hampton Census Area, Alaska

ee also

* WADE, the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
* Wade Ceramics, manufactures porcelain and earthenware. Known for making "Whimsies".
* Wade International Ltd, manufacturer of drainage products.
* Wade Welles a fictional character from "Sliders"
* "Roe v. Wade", an abortion lawsuit in the United States
* Wade-Giles Method of romanisation of Chinese.
* Wade F.C., a high school soccer team

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