Council may refer to:


In politics

In other fields

  • Arts council, a government or private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts
  • Bar council, a professional body that regulates the profession of barristers together with the Inns of Court
  • Buddhist councils, important historical events in the history of Buddhism
  • Council (Boy Scouts), a non-profit private corporation within Boy Scouts of America
  • Ecumenical council, a meeting of the bishops of the whole church convened to discuss and settle matters of Church doctrine and practice
  • Floyd Council, an American blues musician
  • Student council, a student organization present in many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • Synod in a Christian church
  • University Council running a university
  • Works council, a body representing the workers of a plant, factory, etc., elected to negotiate with the management about working conditions, wages, etc.
  • Youth council, an example of youth voice engaged in youth-led decision-making

In United States geography

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  • Accreditation Council (disambiguation)
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  • Consul
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  • Dutch Council (disambiguation)
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  • Federal Council (disambiguation)
  • Federation Council (disambiguation)
  • French Council (disambiguation)
  • Funding Council (disambiguation)
  • General council (disambiguation)
  • General Teaching Council (disambiguation)
  • Grand Council (disambiguation)
  • High Council (disambiguation)
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  • National Council (disambiguation)
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  • Polish Council (disambiguation)
  • Pontifical Council
  • Press Council (disambiguation)
  • Regional Council (disambiguation)
  • Restoration Council (disambiguation)
  • Revolutionary Council (disambiguation)
  • Scottish Council (disambiguation)
  • Shire Council
  • State Council (disambiguation)
  • Supreme Council (disambiguation)
  • The Council (disambiguation)
  • United Nations Security Council
  • Valley Council (disambiguation)
  • Vietnamese Council (disambiguation)
  • World Council (disambiguation)

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