Ruby (disambiguation)

Ruby (disambiguation)

Ruby most commonly refers to:
* Ruby, a red gemstone
* Ruby (programming language)
* Ruby (given name)

Ruby may also be:


* Ruby, Alaska
* Ruby, Arizona
* Ruby Mountain, a stratovolcano in British Columbia, Canada
* Ruby Mountains, a mountain range in the western United States
** Ruby Dome, the highest peak of the Ruby Mountains


* Ruby (Egyptian singer) (born 1981), singer/actress
* Ruby Dandridge (born 1899), actress
* Ruby Dee (born 1924), actress
* Ruby Lin (born 1976), Taiwanese actress
* Ruby Rose (born 1986), Australian MTV VJ
* Ruby Murray (1935–1996), singer
* Ruby Walsh (born 1979), Irish jockey
* Ruby Wax (born 1953), comedian
* Jack Ruby (1911–1967), the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald
* Lloyd Ruby (born 1928), race car driver
* Sam Ruby, software developer

Media and entertainment


* Ruby (band), an electronic/trip hop band from the 1990's
* Ruby (song), a song by Kaiser Chiefs
* Ruby Records, a record label
* Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town, a song by Mel Tillis, made famous by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
* Ruby (1970s band), a British rock band
* Ruby Tuesday, a song by the Rolling Stones


* Ruby (Supernatural), a character in the TV series "Supernatural"
* Ruby (The Land Before Time), a character in the TV series "The Land Before Time"
* Ruby Gloom, a TV series originating from an apparel and stationery franchise
* Ruby Trollman, a character in the TV series "Trollz"
* A character in the TV series "The Tribe"


* Ruby (Pokémon), a character in the manga "Pokémon Adventures"
* Ruby Crescent, a character in the manga series "O-Parts Hunter"


* Ruby, the digital superstar, ATI Technologies promotional character
* "Pokémon Ruby", a video game in the Pokémon series
* Rubies of Eventide, a computer game

Other media and entertainment

* Ruby (film), a 1992 film about Jack Ruby
* Ruby (Andrews novel), a novel by V.C. Andrews
* Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe, a radio drama


* Ruby MRI, the C reference implementation of the Ruby language
* Ruby (annotation markup), the implementation of Ruby characters in XHTML
* Ruby (hardware description language), a language for designing computer circuits
* Ruby laser, a solid-state laser

Other meanings

* Ruby (elephant), an animal famous for her paintings
* Ruby characters, a way to show the pronunciation of logographic characters
* Ruby pistol, a sidearm weapon

ee also

* Rubi

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