Rocky Mountains subalpine zone

Rocky Mountains subalpine zone

The Rocky Mountains subalpine zone is the biotic zone immediately below tree line in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Flora and fauna

s and other hardy species.

Due to harsh winters and a relative dearth of food sources, the subalpine harbors limited native animal species. While bears and the Cougar visit the subalpine, lynx, the Snowshoe Hare, the American Marten and various squirrels are among the few important native furred mammals. A few birds, such as the Mountain Chickadee and Steller's Jay are commonly seen and heard in Rocky Mountain subalpine regions, with others such as owls, nuthatches and certain finches less obvious.


The climate of the Rocky Mountains subalpine zone is never warm, with summer highs reaching 75°F / 24°C on only the warmest days near the montane, and commonly failing to reach 60°F / 16°C near tree line; Frost may occur any day of the year. Although winter low temperatures may be warmer than those in nearby lower valleys, typically staying above −10°F / −23°C, prodigious snows blanket the region well into spring. Some drifts may linger into summer. Convectional precipitation, typically thunderstorms, often form rapidly and frequently drop graupel or hail. Although uncommon, hurricane-force winds may develop and cause massive destruction such as the [ Routt Divide Blowdown] .


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