Military decoration

Military decoration

A military decoration is a decoration given to military personnel or units for heroism in battle or distinguished service. They are designed to be worn on military uniform.

Civil decorations awarded to military personnel should not be considered military decorations, although some orders of chivalry have civil and military divisions. Decorations received by police and fire brigade personnel may sometimes be considered alongside military decorations, on which they may be modelled, although they are strictly not military awards.

Decorations have been known since ancient times. Celts and Romans wore a torc, Dayaks wore and still wear tattoos, etc. Necklaces and bracelets were given during the early Middle Ages, evolving into richly jewelled big necklaces, often with a pendant (commonly a medal) attached.

Today military decorations include:

*Orders of Chivalry;
*Bravery awards, in the form of a cross, star or medal on a ribbon;
*Distinguished service awards, in the form of a cross, star or medal on a ribbon;
*Campaign medals worn on a ribbon;
*Service medals worn on a ribbon;
*Awards for entire units.

On everyday occasions, only the ribbons are normally wornFact|date=April 2008.


*Bir Sreshtho (Bangladesh)
*Victoria Cross (Canada)
*Mannerheim Cross (Finland)
*Pour le Mérite (Imperial Germany)
*Iron Cross (Germany)
*Param Vir Chakra (India)
*Nishan-E-Haider (Pakistan)
*War Cross with sword (Norway)
*Royal Order of the Intare presented by exiled King Kigeli V of Rwanda
*Hero of the Soviet Union (Soviet Union)
*För tapperhet i fält (Sweden)
*Victoria Cross (UK)
*Medal of Honor (USA)
*Order of the Golden Kite (Japan)
*Neshan-E-Eftekhar (Iran)

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