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Persons with the surname Boss

* Hugo Boss (1885–1948), fashion designer
* Isaac Boss (born 1980), Irish rugby union player
* Lewis Boss (1846–1912), American astronomer


* Boss (architecture), a protruding stone, often decoratively carved
* The hub of a propeller
* Boss (crater), a lunar crater
* Boss (geology), a type of igneous intrusion
* The Boss (roller coaster), a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags St. Louis
* Boss (soft drink), a brand of coffee-flavored beverages
* Big Occultable Steerable Satellite, a system for observing distant planets
* Billing Order and Support System, a text-based program created by IBM
* Shield boss, the domed metal centre to a shield
* Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System, from Browning Arms Company
* A series of modified Ford engines used for NASCAR racing, including:
** Ford Boss 302 engine
** Boss 351
** Boss 429
* "Boss", nickname of the robot that won the DARPA Grand Challenge (2007)
* Yahoo! Search BOSS, a web services platform initiative
* "Boss of The Plains", nickname of the Stetson wide-brimmed Western hat


*Boss (Australian band), a 1980s Australian hard rock band
*Boss (French band), a group of French rappers founded by Joey Starr
*"Boss" (Magik Markers album)
*Boss (rapper) (born 1969), female rapper
*"The Boss", a 1956 film starring John Payne
*"Boss Nigger", a blaxploitation film starring Fred Williamson as the title character
*"Boss - I Love You", a 2006 Tollywood film starring Akkineni Nagarjuna
*"The Boss" (album), a 1979 album by Diana Ross
**"The Boss" (Diana Ross song), a song from that album
*"The Boss" (song), a song from the soundtrack to the Tamil film "Sivaji: The Boss"
*"The Boss", a song from the soundtrack to the film "Black Caesar"
*"The Boss" (Rick Ross song)
*"Boss Hoss", a 1965 song by The Sonics
*Boss Radio, a pop radio format developed in the 1960s
*The BossHoss, a German "Trash Country Punk Rock" band


*Boss Audio, a manufacturer of car and marine audio and video systems
*South African Bureau of State Security (B.O.S.S.), the South African security police from 1966–1980
*Boss Corporation, a company that manufactures guitar accessories and audio equipment
*Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) in Boulder, Colorado
*Buckeye On-line School for Success (BOSS), a K-12 public charter school located in East Liverpool, Ohio


* Crime boss
* Political boss
* Fire boss
* Air boss


* Boss, a Scouse expression meaning cool or great, as in "That film was boss"
* Boss (video games), a particularly powerful enemy or opponent in a video game

People referred to as "The Boss"


*Joseph Stalin (1878–1953), former leader of the Soviet Union
*Richard J. Daley (1902–1976), former mayor of Chicago, Illinois, USA
**"Boss", an unauthorized biography of Daley by newspaper columnist Mike Royko
* Boss Tweed (William M. Tweed, 1823–1878), notoriously corrupt 19th-century politician in New York City
*Boss Shepherd (Alexander Robey Shepherd, 1835–1902), 19th-century politician in Washington, D.C.
*Rafael Trujillo ("El Jefe", 1891–1961), dictator of the Dominican Republic


*Bruce Springsteen ("The Boss", born 1949), American singer and songwriter
*James Brown (1933–2006), influential 20th century singer and songwriter
*Diana Ross (born 1944), actress and singer
*Maynard Ferguson (1928–2006), jazz trumpet player
*Rick Ross (rapper) (born 1977), American rapper
*Ross the Boss Friedman (born 1954), guitarist of The Dictators and Manowar


*George Steinbrenner (born 1930), general partner and principal owner of the New York Yankees baseball team
*Helmut Rahn ("Der Boss", 1929–2003), German football player
*Jos Verstappen (born 1972), Dutch Formula One driver
*Ray Traylor ("The Big Boss Man", 1962–2004), professional wrestler
* Andrew Reynolds (born 1978), pro skateboarder

Fictional characters

* Boss (Transformers), a Transformers character
* Boss ("Mazinger"), from the anime "Mazinger Z"
* Boss Hogg, the main villain of the television show "The Dukes of Hazzard"
* The Boss (character), a character in the video game "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater"
* Big Boss ("Metal Gear"), a character in the "Metal Gear" video game series
* Big Boss ("C.O.P.S."), a crime boss from the animated series "C.O.P.S."
* Nicolas Lucifer III, aka "The Boss", from the animated series "The Baskervilles"
* Pointy-Haired Boss, the office nemesis of cartoon character Dilbert
* The Penguin (often called "Boss" in the 1960s "Batman" TV series)

Other uses

* Boss (personality type)

See also

* Gaffer (boss)

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