Not Breathing

Not Breathing

Not Breathing is the creative vehicle of David Wright, maker of experimental electronic music and instruments. Beginning in the late 80s with a series of self-distributed cassettes, Not Breathing’s career now encompasses seven full-length CD releases, several vinyl releases, over forty compilation appearances, one 8-track release, and six US tours more than 300 live performances. Dave worked for six years with Chicago’s industrial label Invisible Records and spawned three CD albums as well as a collaboration with Dead Voices on Air.


Not Breathing has been recruited as tour support for bands including Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Department, Dead Voices on Air, Pigface, Sheep on Drugs, F.M. Einheit, and Subarachnoid Space - while stand-alone performances have involved acts as diverse as Crash Worship to Cluster to Steve Roach to Bob Log.

In January 2003 Not Breathing released the album "Carrionsounds" on the Kimosciotic label, home of bands such as Zigenbock Kopf, Crack:War and the Coachwhips.

As an electronics engineer, Wright has created many of his own instruments. His homepage features a workshop/gallery of home-made noisemakers, circuit-bent toys, and modular synths.

Wright also has an extensive body of work as a collaborator, remixer and session musician. He has worked with Tino Corp, Dead Voices on Air, Pigface, Flam-Chen, MSBR, Le Flange Du Mal, Venetian Snares, Content Provider, Ambient Temple of Imagination, Visible Records, Invisible Records, Kimosciotic, Pinch a Loaf, Vesica Piscis, Hymen Records, Terminal Dusk Records, Dagon Productions, Personna, Lilith, Dogstar Communications, Subarachnoid Space, Instagon, AA23, Kalma, Randy Yau, Crawl Unit, Earwicker, Sheep On Drugs, The Secret Life, Neighborhood Bass Coalition, Independent Noise Party, Then Tingari, Nommo Ogo, Exterior Mirror, Lasse Marhaug, Earwicker, and Abintra.

On January 29, 2007, The Black Old Pueblo full-length CD was released on the Canadian experimental electronic label Sublight Records.

On March 31, 2008, Laquarto and Perky full-length CD was released on Jealous Edison Record Kompany, "using Laquarto the modular synth and Perky the drum machine as only sound sources."


2010 - Christy Cores - Noize:Tek; NTK007
2008 - Laquarto and Perky - Jealous Edison Record Kompany; J.E.R.K.001
2007 - The Black Old Pueblo - Sublight Records; SLR3001
2004 - Carrion Sounds - KimoSciotic Records; KSR 007 CD
2000 - Itchy Tingles - Invisible Records; INV167CD
1998 - The Starry Wisdom - Invisible Records; INV094CD
1997 - Fire in the Bronx Zoo (DVOA vs. Not Breathing) - Invisible Records; INV096CD
1997 - Sangre Azul - Invisible Records; INV077CD
1995 - Time Music of the Quazars - Visible Records; VISCD-1006

2005 - Minotaur - Terminal Dusk Records; TD006
2003 - Carrion EP - Instant Shoggoth; IS010
1995 - Event Horizon - Visible Records; VIS-114

2010 - Desert (7"split w/ Vesica Piscis) - Misanthropic Agenda; MAR026
1994 - Ode to She*Tah*Rah / Atlantis - Dagon Productions/Audio Autism; DP001

1998 - Trilobytes - Instant Shoggoth; IS006
1996 - Live Studio Jam - Instant Shoggoth; IS003
1997 - Sheet Metal - Instant Shoggoth; IS003
1996 - Razor - Instant Shoggoth; IS002
1996 - Filth Percalator - Sick Muse; CASICK02
1996 - Summoning the Nuclear Elemental - FDR Tapes; #20
1996 - Mining the Last Season - FDR Tapes; #34

8-Track Cassettes
1995 - Choronzon Death Stomp - Instant Shoggoth; IS001

2001 - Low End Recon - HusHush/Hed Nod; HED01
2001 - Clear and Present Danger - DHR LTD11
2001 - Cash from Chaos: A Tribute to Johnny Cash - Invisible; INV208CD
1999 - Wish You Were Queer: A Tribute to Ministry - Invisible; INV150CD
1999 - Teknoir - Hymen/Antzen; ¥701
1999 - Chemical Warfare - Invisible; INV140CD
1999 - Audio Anonymous - Deezal/Invisible; INV 4002
1997 - Various Artists - Instant Shoggoth; IS005
1997 - Drug Test Vol. Two - Invisible; INV090CD
1997 - Drug Test Vol. Three - Invisible; INV109CD
1997 - Drug Test Vol. One - Invisible; INV081CD
1997 - Adventures in Modern Electronics - Pinch-A-Loaf; PAL-13
1996 - The Pact - Flying in the Face... - Asaphodel; ASA0091
1995 - Mind/Body3 - r.m.i. - Atomic Novelties/DIY; DIY2-3
1994 - Mind/Body2 - r.m.i. - Atomic Novelties/DIY; AN002
199_ - We Will Be With You Shortly - Kimosciotic; KSR 001
199_ - No Structure 1 - Instagon Foundation/Dagon

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