Wheel (disambiguation)

Wheel (disambiguation)

Wheel can refer to:

* Wheel, the circular object that, together with an axle, rolls to allow low friction in motion
* Breaking wheel, a medieval execution device
* Dharmacakra, in Hinduism and the Buddha's teaching of the path to enlightenment. It is also sometimes translated as wheel of doctrine or wheel of law. A similar symbol is also in use in Jainism.
* English Wheel, a metalworking tool used to form sheet metal
* Ferris wheel
* Hamster wheel, an exercise toy used by pet rodents
* Steering wheel
* Water wheel, a wheel for extracting power from water
* Wheel clamp, a device designed to restrict the use of a wheel
* Wheel house, position from where a ship is steered
* Wheel of Fortune (US game show), a television game show
* Wheel (Unix term), In computing, a user group with a system setting that provides additional special system privileges that empower a user to execute restricted commands that ordinary user accounts cannot access.
* In the Judeo-Christian Tradition may refer to Thrones or Ophanim
* "The Wheel", a 1993 Rosanne Cash album
* The Wheel, a common nickname for the Ace to Five straight in poker games.


* Wheel graph, a mathematical concept
* Wheel theory, an algebraic theory where division is always defined

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* Wheeling, disambiguation

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