UN/LOCODE, the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations, is a geographic coding scheme developed and maintained by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), a unit of the United Nations. UN/LOCODE assigns codes to locations used in trade and transport with functions such as seaports, rail and road terminals, airports, post offices and border crossing points. The first issue in 1981 contained codes for 8,000 locations. Twenty-seven years later, Issue 2007, released in 2008, contained 58,875 locations. [http://www.unece.org/cefact/locode/ UN/LOCODE (United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations), Issue 2007] (2008-03-??).]

UN/LOCODEs have five characters. The first two are letters, and come from the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes. Normally three letters will follow, but if there are not enough combinations, numbers from 2 to 9 can also be used. For the US the 17575 possible permutations of 3-character codes have been almost exhausted in 2006 the secretariat for the first time introduced 646 entries to the 2006-2 issue of UN/LOCODE where the third position of 3-character codes is represented by a numerical digit 2 to 9. The 2007 issue of UN/LOCODE contains 689 such US entries.

For each country there can be a maximum of 35*35*35 = 42 875 entries.

For airports, the three letters following the country code are not always identical to the IATA airport code. According to the secretariat note for Issue 2006-2, there are 720 locations showing a different IATA code.cite web | url=http://www.unece.org/cefact/locode/loc062sec.pdf | title=Secretariat Note to the users of UN/LOCODE 2006-2 | publisher=United Nations Economic Commission for Europe | date=2007-04-30]

Beside the abbreviation, UN/LOCODE also defines a spelling for each location that can be written without special characters. This is achieved by stripping off the diacritics from the (romanized) local name.



*US NYC for New York City in the United States. Subdivision is the U.S. state of New York (see ). Function: port, rail, road, airport, postal. IATA code is NYC. Coordinates: coord|40|42|N|074|00|W.

*DE BER for Berlin (city) in Germany. Subdivision is the German state of Berlin (see ). Function: port, rail, road, airport, postal. IATA code is BER. Coordinates: coord|52|31|N|013|23|E.

*DE TXL for Berlin-Tegel Airport in Germany. Function: airport. IATA code is TXL.

*FR PAR for Paris (city) in France. Subdivision is the French department of Paris (see ). Function: port, rail, road, postal.

*GB PAR for Par in United Kingdom. Subdivision is the English county of Cornwall (see ). Function: port.

*SE GOT for Göteborg (Goteborg without diacritics) in Sweden. Subdivision is the Swedish county of Västra Götaland (see ). Function: port, airport, postal. The IATA code of XWL indicated in the table is that of a train station in the city centre of Göteborg (though not the Central Station), while the IATA code for the main airport (Göteborg-Landvetter Airport) is actually GOT. It also has a separate reference entry showing an alternate spelling of "Gothenburg".

Data fields

The fields are listed in the official order.

Ch (Changes)

:A change from the previous issue is indicated by one of the following characters in the first column:: + Additions to the issue: # Change in location name (usually spelling) Note: Not defined in the manual [http://www.unece.org/cefact/locode/unlocode_manual.pdf] : | Change other than location name: X Entries marked for deletion in the next issue: = Reference entry: ! US locations with duplicated IATA code, under review


:The code is represented with a space between the country code and the 3-letter element.


:The name of the location.

Name Without Diacritics

:The name of the location, but all non-latin-base characters are converted.:Can contain ' e.g. L'viv

ubDiv (Subdivision)

:The ISO 1 to 3 character alphabetic and/or numeric code for the administrative division (state, province, department, etc.) of the country, as included in ISO 3166-2/1998. Only the latter part of the complete ISO 3166-2 code element (after the hyphen) is shown.


Each defined function gets a classifier; the most important are:
* 1 = port (for any kind of waterborne transport)
* 2 = rail terminal
* 3 = road terminal
* 4 = airport
* 5 = postal exchange office
* 6 = Inland Clearance Depot – ICD or "Dry Port", "Inland Clearance Terminal", etc.
* 7 = fixed transport functions (e.g. oil platform)”; the classifier “7” is reserved for this function. Noting that the description “oil pipeline terminal” would be more relevant, and could be extended to cover also electric power lines and ropeway terminals..
* B = Border crossing function


:Indicates the status of the entry by a 2-character code. The following codes are used at present::*AA: Approved by competent national government agency:*AC: Approved by Customs Authority:*AF: Approved by national facilitation body:*AI: Code adopted by international organisation (IATA or ECLAC):*AS: Approved by national standardisation body:*RL: Recognised location - Existence and representation of location name confirmed by check against nominated gazetteer or other reference work:*RN: Request from credible national sources for locations in their own country:*RQ: Request under consideration:*RR: Request rejected:*QQ: Original entry not verified since date indicated:*XX: Entry that will be removed from the next issue of UN/LOCODE


:The date the location was added or updated: 0207 is July 2002, 9501 is January 1995, etc.

Observation: The edition published in 2008 contains for additions the value 0701, while in other cases the exact month is used like 9710, 0212.


:The IATA code for the location if different from the second part of the UN/LOCODE.


:Some entries have coordinates in the database. They are represented by two numbers the first followed either by N or S the second by E or W.


:The remarks column can among other things contain a hint to what specifically was changed (See data field - "Change").


In 2006-07 IQ IRB for Irbil was added while IQ ABL Arbil with almost the same coordinates existed. In the 2007 edition IQ ABL gets marked for deletion and IQ EBL Erbil International Apt is added to the database, but with a different coordinates, reflecting the distance between airport and city. The error is to delete ABL and to insert IRB.

Occasionally locations are listed twice, this sometimes may not be real errors. In issue 2006-1, ARSMC San Miguel de Tucuman (functions 2,3) was added while ARTUC Tucuman (function 1) already was in the list. The coordinates are with very little deviation the same. Also in 2006-1, ARSSJ San Salvador de Jujuy was added (function 4) while ARJUJ Jujuy (functions 1,2,3,5) already existed.

The 2007 edition contains character encoding errors in the .txt and .csv files. The name for the new code FR ONM Moёlan-sur-Mer does not show the ё correctly. In the .mdb file it is encoded correctly but the column "NameWoDiacritics" contains the name with diacritics .i.e. "Moёlan-sur-Mer". Users that can not access .mdb files, can not obtain from the website a correct list for their databases.

Another error from 2007 code list: DE GXD Gross-Umstadt Gross-Umstadt HE --3----- RL 0201 4952N 00855E + DE UMS Gross-Umstadt Gross-Umstadt HE -23----- RL 0701 4952N 00856E

US TRI + US BOS, same coor and within TRI different coor

US BFS Bristol VA RL -234---- 0212 3636N 08211W cf US JCI, US BSO, US TRI US BSO Bristol Apt TN RL -234---- 0212 3635N 08210W cf US JCI Apt, US BSO Apt, US TRI Apt US TRI Bristol-Johnson City-Kingsport Apt TN RL -234---- 0212 3635N 08210W cf US JCI, US BSO, US TRI US TRI Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol Apt TN RL -234---- 0212 3635N 08210W cf US JCI, US TRI, US BSO US TRI Kingsport-Bristol-Johnson City Apt TN RL -234---- 0212 3635N 08210W cf US JCI, US TRI, US BSO US TRI Kingsport Apt TN AI ---4---- 0212 3632N 08233W cf US BSO Apt, US JCI Apt


Some entries do not have coordinates so it is not clear where actually they refer too. If an IATA code changes, then also the UN/LOCODE could be regarded as changed. MS MNI Montserrat Montserrat AI ---4---- 9601
*Gerald's Airport from 2005, ICAO: TRPG
*W. H. Bramble Airport until 1997 , ICAO: formerly TRPM

For Kochi / Cochin the postal function has KOC (1998) and all other functions have COK (2003). IN KOC Kochi Kochi AI ----5--- 9805 IN COK Cochin Cochin KL AA 1234-6-- 0307 0958N 07614E

Issue history

;Notes:: # Change in location (spelling or other): | Other changes: + Additions to the issue: X Entries marked for deletion in the next issue

ee also

* List of airports by IATA code
* List of IATA-indexed train stations


External links

* [http://unlocode.hmap.info/ unlocode.hmap.info]

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