Boo Boo Runs Wild

Boo Boo Runs Wild

"Boo Boo Runs Wild" is a parody Yogi Bear cartoon. It was made by Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi and his company Spümcø for Cartoon Network. Despite Boo Boo being the arguable star of this short, it is title carded as "A Ranger Smith Cartoon".

The cartoon's original air date (along with the short "A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith") was on the evening of September 24, 1999. From January through March of 2006,"Boo Boo Runs Wild" was shown every single Sunday on Adult Swim. On April 2 2006 at 1:00 AM following the normal "Neon Genesis Evangelion" bump Adult Swim ran "Boo Boo Runs Wild" as an April Fool's Day joke (this Adult Swim block started on April 1st) despite all TV listings showing "Evangelion" in its normal time slot.

Plot outline

Just when Ranger Smith is making sure everything in Jellystone Park is in order, Boo Boo enters a feral state due to his impatience with all the rules, much to the displeasure of Ranger Smith, who expected Yogi Bear to do this.


*Boo Boo Bear: John Kricfalusi
*Yogi Bear: Stephen Worth
*Ranger John Smith and a Moose: Corey Burton
*Cindy Bear: Mary Ellen Thomas
*The Chief: Michael Pataki


*Directed, Written, Co-Produced, Music Edited, Recording Directed, Sound Effects, Animated, background color key, characters designed, layout, and timing directed by John Kricfalusi
*Executive Producer: Kevin Kolde
*Co-Producer and Production Supervisor: Miles Horst
*Executive in charge of production at Cartoon Network: Mike Lazzo
*Executive in charge of production: Brian A. Miller
*Production manager: Kim Radford
*Co-Producer, Post-production supervisor and Recording supervisor: Stephen Worth
*Storyboard artist and Layout artist: Vincent Waller
*Music coordinator, music editor, recording engineer, sound editor and sound effects by Henry Porch
*Animator and Overseas Supervisor: Anthony Agrusa
*Production assistant: Amid Amidi
*Layout artist: Ed Benedict, who helped design Yogi Bear for Hanna-Barbera in the late 1950s, also assisted Spumco in layouts for this cartoon.
*Production assistant: Robyn Byrd
*Animator: Charles Choi
*Assistant animator and cleanup artist: Soon Ahn Choi
*Animator: Bin Chuang
*Production assistant: Matt Danner
*Background artist: Richard Daskas
*Music coordinator: Daniel Goldmark
*Animator: Orlan Gumatay
*Animator: Mr. Han
*Timing director: Bob Jaques
*Animator, layout artist and timing director: Ben Jones
*Layout artist: Erik Koenig
*Production accountant: Diane Kolde
*Layout artist: Albert Lozano
*Background artist: Hector Martinez
*Character color key: Annmarie Ashkar McCarty
*Production assistant: Victoria McCollum
*Background artist: Tony Mora
*Track reading: Philip Phillipson
*Assistant animator and cleanup artist: Helen Jung Won Rott
*Assistant animator, Background color key and cleanup artist: Max Schneider
*Background artist and Character Color Key: Brian Smith
*Assistant animator and cleanup artist: Gabe Swarr
*Timing director: Brian Wells
*Layout artist: Todd White
*Layout artist: Erik Wiese
*Background artist: Richard D. Ziehler-Martin

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