Source may refer to:

Film and television

*"The Source (documentary)", a 1999 documentary movie about the Beat generation
*"The Source (film)", a 2002 science fiction movie, also known as "The Secret Craft" in the UK and "The Surge" for its American DVD release
*The Source, the overarching entity in the machine city of the Matrix universe
*The Source (Charmed), a fictional evil being in the television series "Charmed"
*The Source, a character in the short-lived 1978 US television sitcom "Quark"
*"", the fifth film in the Highlander franchise

Information theory

*Source theory, any process that generates successive messages can be considered a source of information


*Sources of law, the materials and processes out of which law is developed
*Sources of international law, the materials and processes out of which the rules and principles regulating the international community are developed


*Journalism sourcing, a person, publication or other record or document that gives information
*The Source (network), a radio network operated in the 1970s and 1980s by NBC
*WVUR-FM, "The Source", Valparaiso University's student-run radio station


*"The Source", a series of volumes by Graham Kendrick that are compilations of Christian church music
*"The Source (album)", an album by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
*"The Source", an album by Ali Farka Touré
*The Source (musician), the production identity of UK electronic music record producer John Truelove
*"The Source", a song by Built to Spill from their 1994 album "There's Nothing Wrong with Love"
*"Source", an album released by the band The Duskfall in 2003.


*Source (UNSW), a community service provider that used to operate at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
*The Source by Circuit City, a Canadian electronics store
*Source Family, a commune outside of 1970's Hollywood


*"The Source (novel)", a 1965 novel by James A. Michener
*"The Source (magazine)", a magazine of hip-hop music and culture
*Source (comics), a sentient entity who provides advice to the New Gods in the DC Multiverse
*"Source", a bi-monthly magazine published by the John Lewis Partnership
*"The Source", a book by Art Bell about paranormal matters
*"SOURCE: Music of the Avant Garde", a magazine published by the American composer Larry Austin from 1967 to 1972


*Believers of the Source, a disbanded Faction of the Planescape universe


*Source text, in research (especially in the humanities), a source of information referred to by citation
**Primary source, firsthand written evidence of history made at the time of the event by someone who was present
**Secondary source, written accounts of history based upon the evidence from primary sources
**Tertiary source, compilations based upon primary and secondary sources


*The Source (online service), an online service provider founded in 1979
*Source code for software, see also free software or open-source software
*A terminal in a field effect transistor
*Light source, an object emitting light
*Sound source, an object emitting sound
*Energy sources, are substances or processes with high concentrations of energy
*Voltage source, any device or system that produces an electromotive force between its terminals
*Current source, an electrical or electronic device that delivers or absorbs electric current
*Source engine, a proprietary game engine developed by Valve Software for "Half-Life 2"
*A SCSI endpoint
*Communication source
*The original copy (or name) of a computer file that is being moved, copied or renamed.
*Point source, a natural or anthropogenic discharge location producing unwanted materials into the environment

Water and nature

*Source (river or stream), the original point from which the river flows
*Inflow (hydrology), the source of the water in a lake
*Source rocks, rocks that have generated, or are capable of generating hydrocarbons


*, a complete remake of game Counter-Strike
*Source (game engine), a game engine developed by Valve Corporation

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