Star Wars (disambiguation)

Star Wars (disambiguation)

Star Wars is an epic science fantasy saga created by George Lucas.

Media within the franchise that have had the specific name "Star Wars":
*"Star Wars (film series)"
**"" (1999 film)
**"" (2002 film)
**"" (2005 film)
**"" (1977 film) - original title, "Star Wars"
**"" (1980 film)
**"" (1983 film)
*"", 1976 novelization of the 1977 film
*"Star Wars" (manga), adaptations of the first four films
*"Star Wars" (radio), adaptation produced in 1981, 1983, and 1996
*Star Wars live-action TV series, planned for 2010.
**"Star Wars" (1983 video game)
**"Star Wars" (Namco video game), released in 1987 in Japan
**"Star Wars" role-playing game (WEG) (1987–89)
**"Star Wars" (1988 video game)
**Star Wars (1992 pinball)
**"Star Wars Arcade", 1996 arcade game
**"Star Wars Roleplaying Game" (Wizards of the Coast) (since 2000)

Other things nicknamed "Star Wars":
*Strategic Defense Initiative, a United States missile defense program

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