Attack model

Attack model

Attack models or attack typesref|secondname specify how much information a cryptanalyst has access to when cracking an encrypted message. Some common attack models are:
*Ciphertext-only attack
*Known-plaintext attack
*Chosen-plaintext attack
*Chosen-ciphertext attack
**Adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack
**Indifferent chosen-ciphertext attackThe ciphertext-only attack model is the weakest because it implies that the cryptanalyst has just the encoded message.

Different attack models are used for other cryptographic primitives, or more generally for all kind of security systems. Examples for such attack models are:

*Adaptive chosen-message attack for digital signatures


* [ Information Security Laboratory] (powerpoint)
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External links

* [ University of Colorado at Boulder's introduction to Cryptography and attack models] (PDF)
* [ University of Waterloo paper that discusses attack models] (Postscript file) [ html version]

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